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47% of crypto traders on Twitter hold more altcoins than Bitcoin

According to a new Twitter poll, over half of crypto traders on Twitter appear to hold the majority of their portfolio in altcoins, rather than Bitcoin…
47% of crypto traders on Twitter hold more altcoins than Bitcoin
The poll was undertaken by a cryptocurrency analyst, and prominent member of crypto Twitter known by the handle: DonAlt.
The poll asked a simple question: ‘How much of your portfolio is in altcoins?’
The results varied but ultimately revealed that 47% of crypto traders on Twitter held between 60-100% of value in altcoins.
How much of your portfolio is in altcoins?
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A mere 23% of respondents hold 0-20% of their total portfolio in altcoins, alluding to a portfolio made up mainly of Bitcoin.
While Twitter polls can’t be classed as a verified and accurate source, with over 10,000 results, it does give us an indication of the general sentiment around crypto Twitter.
DonAlt addressed these statistics with a fairly concerned tone, stating that holding a large amount of capital in altcoins was a “bad idea”:
Everyone can invest however they like but the fact that more than 60% of you have 40%+ of your capital in altcoins worries me.
Not speaking of the insane amount of people that are pretty much all in.
I'll write an article about why I think that's a bad idea in the coming weeks.
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One user seemed to agree, stating that holding alts over Bitcoin was a recipe for disaster:
Anyone who goes lower than 40% better know what they are doing, if not it's a classic rekt recipe ..

Alt position should vary between 20-60% , depending on the nature of the market , reliable strategy ever!
Anyone significantly above 30% in altcoins should reconsider their life choices in my mind.
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Another suggested that it really depends on the size of your portfolio as to whether or not you’re truly at risk; adding that staking a lower amount on a high-risk asset could produce a much better return:
I think it depends on the size of your capital. A lot of these voters are only playing with 10's - 100's. Sure spec around in the shitcoins and grow it if you can but those who are investing in the 10k-100k range should definitely be in more.
Personally I wouldn't want to wait months for a 3x on if I was only risking 1 or 2k when there's infinitely more low sats out there that can 10x - 100x overnight.
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To be fair, It’s hard to not to stray into altcoins when you take a look at their historic gains over bitcoin.
For example, year to date returns on many altcoins have been huge in 2019, including Litecoin up 186%, Binance coin (BNB) gaining 207%, and PIVX returning a massive 335% since the start of the year…
In comparison bitcoin has returned just under 40%, nothing to be sniffed at but only truly momentous for those with a large stake.


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