5 Altcoins that exploded in the big bull run... How are they doing today?

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Bitcoin, and with it all of the altcoin market, experienced a parabolic bull run in 2017, which peaked with an all-time high for Bitcoin of more than $20,000 in mid-December, while most major altcoins hit their ATHs just one month later around mid-January 2018. Let us take a look at 5 altcoins that went 'boom' during the 2017/18 bull run and see how well they fare today.
There is no possible way to sugar-coat crypto performance during 2018. Since that aggressive rally in December 2017, the crypto market corrected throughout 2018 and it was painful, long-winded, dark and cold. crypto Winter was upon us and we all knew it, we all felt it.
Year-to-date, the price of Bitcoin is down by almost 75% and altcoins are down by 90% on average. Since the altcoin market pretty much always follows Bitcoin, it is to be expected that most of the altcoins remain in the red if Bitcoin does not start to perform.
While Crypto Winter may have spooked investors who are just now exploring this new digital asset class, the 2018 market correction needs to be seen in perspective. The 2018 Bitcoin correction wasn't the first one, and it won't be its last either.
2018 was indeed a difficult year for digital currency investors as the entire market crashed from a $800 billion total market cap, to a low of just above $100 billion. However, 2019 started out as a different story and has brought some much-needed optimism, a full-on widespread crypto euphoria even, into the cryptocurrency industry.
Some cryptocurrencies have outperformed their peers and even managed to generate a more than decent return on investment for their holders.
Let us take a look at Ethereum, Cardano, XRPBinance Coin andLitecoin, 5 coins that shot to the moon and beyond during the 2017/2018 bull run.
How are these 'crypto titans' behaving since the beginning of 2019? Did these coins find their way back to generate returns, or did they continue to burn the traders who support them?
All Time High
Jan 13, 2018
Current price: $173.53
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Ethereum's future
Some of its biggest supporters present Ethereum as nothing less than the future of the internet. Buying Ethereum today, they say, is the equivalent of picking up a few shares of Apple back in the day, when it was practically run out of Steve Job's garage.
Brian Schuster, by far the biggest Ethereum bull in the cryptocurrency universe, is one of those cryptocurrency experts who predicted that Ethereum will hit $100,000 in value. As a leading blockchain advisor and entrepreneur, he predicts that the worlds second most popular cryptocurrency could reach astronomical highs if it develops as a market store, similar to gold.
If you would have invested a $1,000 in Ethereum at the beginning of 2019, your investment would be worth $1,181, giving you gains of 18%. Not as impressive as most of the other coins in this list, nevertheless, you would still be in the greens, which ain't too shabby.
All Time High
Jan 04, 2018
Current price: $0.079
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Cardano's future
Without a doubt, Cardano definitely saw another increased upward movement since the beginning of 2019, and with Charles Hoskinson as its leading force, the tenth most popular cryptocurreny can reach its ultimate goal of becoming a third generation cryptocurrency.
The Cardano team successfully updated their network on multiple occasions and they continue to search for the solutions needed for scalability, sustainability, and interoperability, which if successful, will propel them into the next exciting stages of their development.
If you would have invested a $1,000 in Cardano at the beginning of 2019, your investment would be worth $1,958 today, which would have given you a 96% profit, almost doubling your investement in just over three months.
All Time High
Jan 04, 2018
Current price: $0.33
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XRP's future
The third token by market capitalization, Ripple´s XRP, has been on the slower side of price increases for the first quarter of the year, and is the worst performing cryptocurrency of this list.
With the price hovering at the $0.33 level at the time of writing, many remain intensely skeptical of XRPs ability to find its way back to record highs.
However, Ripple can be seen as an exciting project, which has the potential to become a major player in the world of payment processing.
Interesting times are ahead for this cryptocurrency project and many analysts believe that XRP will confidently reach new all-time-highs, considering Ripple's consistent growth towards consolidating the traditional financial network.
One analyst even went as far as making the outrageous claim that XRP is designed to carry a $10,000 value.
If you would have invested a $1,000 in XRP at the beginning of 2019, your investment would be worth $913, leaving you with a -9% loss. Ouch!
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Binance Coin
All Time High
Jan 12, 2018
Current price: $22.95
BNB's future
Since the beginning of 2019, BNB’s fundamentals have been impacted upon greatly and over the past few months BNB has jumped from one strength to another, while showing a continued upward trajectory.
With Binance’s consistent innovation, alongside useful integration of its native crypto, it cannot come as a surprise that BNB is standing out with head and shoulder above the crowd.
BNB is without a doubt the best performing coin in 2019 and if you would have invested a $1,000 in BNB at the beginning of 2019, your investment would be worth $3,218, showing you a whopping profit of 222% or $2,218 extra cash in your wallet.
That's a winner in our book!
All Time High
Dec 19, 2017
Current price: $81.80
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LTC's future
Litecoin has been one of the best performing major altcoins during Bitcoin’s recent price rally, fighting for 4th and 5th position with Bitcoin Cash and EOS. Although BCH and EOS ultimately ended up leapfrogging LTC, Litecoin’s price action since the beginning of 2019 is nothing short of impressive. While a complete turnaround of the market’s sentiment undoubtedly played a large role in the coin’s rally, Litecoin has been hard at work improving its ecosystem by speeding up transactions and reducing transaction fees.
If you would have invested a $1,000 in LTC at the beginning of 2019, your investment would be worth $2,489, showing you an impressive profit of 149% or +$1,489 extra cash to spend on more crypto.
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