Bitcoin price predictions and opinions: 8 experts on BTC this week

Bitcoin price predictions and opinions: 8 experts on BTC this week
It has been more than a week since the pump that lifted Bitcoin over $5000, and the cryptocurrency space is still very excited about short and the long-term for BTC. Here is an overview of the latest opinions, price predictions and price analyses from crypto experts on Bitcoin this week.
‘We’re in a bull market!’
According to Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, the latest Bitcoin run means the bears have left the building… and the bull market is back in full force! In an interview with Bloomberg Lee stated that Bitcoin is back on a bullish trend after breaking the 200-day-moving-average, with ‘strong evidence that Bitcoin whales are buying again’.
‘Bitcoin can go parabolic’
Lee is definitely not the only Bitcoin bull in this overview, with famous trader Peter Brandt saying that Bitcoin could enter a parabolic phase again. Brandt, who predicted the end of the bull run in 2017, took a look at the charts and tweeted that ‘It would not surprise me if BTC enters a new parabolic phase’. 

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Either from Dec '18 low or from retest of same (circa analog dbl bottom in 2015) it would not surprise me if enters a new parabolic phase.
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‘Nail in the coffin for new lows’
Another Bitcoin bull, investor Travis Kling, admitted in a tweet that new lows in Bitcoin are highly unlikely. Kling said that the chances that we ‘retest the lows of mid-Dec diminished significantly’, and added that the price action of Bitcoin has ‘put the nail in the coffin for new lows’.
C'mon Travis, just tell me if it's going to go up or down.
In the 7 weeks leading up to April 1, the chances we would retest the lows of mid-Dec diminished significantly

The price action in the month of April, beginning with the massive move up April 1, essentially put the nail in the coffin for new lows. A retest is now highly unlikely
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‘The next bull run is going to be fabulous’
Not everyone is convinced the only way for Bitcoin is up. Bitcoin billionaire Richard Heart thinks that this BTC run will be followed by a capitulation candle. "I do", says Heart, "I think we will. The question is do we make lower lows or not." Heart is bullish regarding the medium-long-term. "If we don’t have the bull run now, maybe come October, it going to be fabulous. When a bear market ends, you don’t get an instant bull market", he explains. "You have a horizontal period of chopping about, and this would be the beginning of that period."

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