Bitcoin traders eye $4800 resistance: '$1000 drop is still bullish'

Ever since the drop of Bitcoin back to $5000 on Thursday, bulls and bears are playing tug of war around the current levels. Most traders are now looking at the crucial resistance at $4800.
Bitcoin traders eye $4800 resistance: '$1000 drop is still bullish'
Bitcoin reached its most recent high of $5400 before dropping back to $5000 on Thursday, with most altcoins being hit even harder in this drop. Still, BTC has been up over $800 since the start of the pump at the beginning of April, and despite the red figures in the market the last few days, traders remain bullish.

However, a further decline in the short term is predicted by most of them. The majority of the popular Crypto Twitter traders are aiming for $4800, or even $4600 for now, and are positioning themselves to buy into Bitcoin or alts around those levels.

For the first time since $1000 breakout on Apr 1st, price is reaching an area that I expect to act as resistance.

It's the only area price paused at after the dump from $6k.

- Daily close above 5560 and I expect 6200 to be reached
- Until then treating this spot as res.

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update after hitting that resistance.

The pullback of breakout area would be great, but less likely than a slightly higher level.

4800 or 4650 is what I'm aiming for with a retrace bid.

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I'm not interested in adding into my longs here around $5k.

No reason to rush into a position to find out later it was the beggining of a deeper correction.

In a perfect world a retrace back to $4,6k-4,8k could provide very interesting entries on and .

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$4800 - $5500.
That's all i'm eyeing.
We nearly got $5500 yesterday, $4800 is the important support.

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- Bearish rising wedge
- Bearish divergence on RSI
- Possible retracement to $4800

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Don't say I didn't warn you.
The bearish divergence on RSI was too big to ignore.

Let's see if the support level at $4800 will hold. Also we could see a complete retrace back to $4200. We didn't retest the support after last breakout yet.

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Despite a strong selloff today, i believe there will still be another leg up towards $5800 after we bounce from the $4600-$4800 range.

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dips below $5K, but back up. Support is holding at $5K and its pulling other up as well. The market is short term overbought, and our model has been pointing to a pullback to the 4,000’s.

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As @TheCryptoDog points out, even if Bitcoin drops further, things are still looking very bright in the market.
can fall nearly $1,000 right now and still have a bullish structure in tact.


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Tyler Jenks, founder of Lucid Investment, predicted on Thursday that Bitcoin will indeed drop another $1000, back to the pre-pump levels of $4200. He even states that his target, Bitcoin back to $1000, is still in play. 
I have not commented on Bitcoin since we broke up through the $4,000-4,200 resistance zone. I believe we are headed back down to that zone and it will not hold. New lows coming. Target of $1,000 unchanged.

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