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Bitcoin trading at a $350 premium at BitFinex

Marty Bent, Editor in Chief of Marty's Bent, a Bitcoin-focussed daily newsletter, tweeted to his 14.1K Twitter followers that Bitcoin is currently trading at a $350 premium at BitFinex.
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In the wake of the recent Tether and BitFinex 'fraud' news, users of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex went into survival mode, which resulted in a massive attempt to withdraw all of their assets.
Although Bitcoin's price quickly stabilized since the Tether and BitFinex debacle, the BitFinex’s premium has continued to increase higher as investors are apparently still looking to withdraw their funds.
Twitter user, Marty Bent pointed out that the BitFinex premium was now at $350 or 6.75%.
Bitcoin trading at a premium on BitFinex means that on Bitfinex, BTC is now trading $350 higher than on any of the other platforms.
This premium is most likely due to the fact that BitFinex is failing to complete fiat withdrawals, so users turn to BTC to get their funds out of Tether, which in turn drives BTC's price higher.
BitFinex's users might believe their money is at risk, fear that Tether is going to collapse, so are now willing to pay that premium just to get their assets out of the exchange.
The price difference on Bitfinex is explained perfectly by @jgarzik "It’s exit buying. To get out of an exchange, one must buy “hard currency” – BTC – when fiat withdrawal methods start failing. The BTC price is therefore higher at dying exchs..."
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Why's this happening Marty? I would expect price to go down for them since it would be harder to take fiat out??
People on bitfinex have to buy bitcoin to get out of tether. This increases the price of bitcoin on bitfinex comparative to other exchanges!
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