Craig Wright withdraws email from evidence after allegations of forgery
Chepicap recently reported on an email that Craig Wright had submitted into evidence as per his ongoing lawsuit, and the fact that redditors almost immediately claimed there was serious evidence that the date on the email was forged. Now, Wright has filed to withdraw this evidence, on the basis that he "cannot verify the date of that email exchange."
Peter McCormack posted the link to this filing today on twitter, but the meat of it is as follows:
"Dr. Craig Wright respectfully notifies the Court that he withdraws Exhibit A to his Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings for Lack of Subject-Matter Jurisdiction [D.E. 144-1]. That exhibit is an email exchange between Dave Kleiman and Uyen Nguyen. Dr. Wright withdraws the exhibit because he cannot verify the date of that email exchange. Dr. Wright is not withdrawing the motion and maintains that this Court lacks subject-matter jurisdiction over this action."
Obviously, some on twitter had opinions on this turn of events:
You know what else the court lack subject matter jurisdiction over?

Ruling that some individual today was a pseudonymous character nobody ever met from 10 years ago.
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We shouldn't be doing his work for him.

It would be great to prove all of his fraud in court - now that doesn't make it into the case.

Agreed though it looks bad for him.
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Might want to ask for that document in the discovery process in your case lol. Could also consider pulling the affidavit sworn that corresponds with the exhibit in Florida...
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Although it looks bad, let's wait and let the courts decide what is what and who is who. As always though, stick right here with Chepicap for any and all updates!  Source

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