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EOS sets new record with over 80 million actions processed in a day

EOS sets new record with over 80 million actions processed in a day

The EOS blockchain recently set a new record for the number of 'actions' processed in one day. The network managed to handle over 80 million in the 24h period, which averages at over 800 per second.
An 'action' refers to any instruction given by an account on the network to another that is running a smart contract. The record for most transactions was set by EOS on April 5. 
Most actions were carried out by the 'pornhashbaby' smart contract, which issued over 6700 instructions. The eosio.token transfer was responsible for around 3000 actions. Data shows that the average number of actions carried out in a day for EOS over the last week was around 20,000.
recently set a record of over 70m actions processed in one day. An average of over 810 actions per second. Our team is making great strides in further optimization and scaling.
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Dan Larimer, the CTO of EOS' founding team Block.one, claimed that this shows how effectively EOS can scale compared to other leading crypto networks. EOS was specifically designed for scalability and this continues to be a key selling point as the crypto space grows, despite other flaws that have been pointed out in the EOS blockchain by many in the crypto community.


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