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Ethereum Classic could improve security of Ethereum, says analyst

A leading Ethereum Classic (ETC) figure has claimed that the network could be useful for improving the security of the main Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Donald McIntyre expressed his views in an interview with CryptoGlobe.
Ethereum Classic could improve security of Ethereum, says analyst
According to McIntyre, a "useful analogy is to see ETH as a sports car and ETC is an armoured vehicle. The problem is to think that ETH can be an armoured vehicle and ETC can be a sports car. ETH is about scaling and performance and ETC is about high value and security".
McIntyre was the manager of ETCDEV, a leading organization focused on the ongoing development of Ethereum Classic (ETC), before it closed down. He believes that the diverging functions of ETH and ETC could lead to an increase relevance for Ethereum Classic.
As Ethereum aims to scale up and process more transactions, ETC would work as "a highly secure base chain...ETC could even provide security services to high performance networks such as ETH...it would be a big advantage for both ecosystems (ETH and ETC) to analyze that possibility as it would likely minimize, in the context of a standards war, which means that only few networks will survive in the future, the threat of alternative ETH compatible chains such as EOS, Tezos, Cardano".
With Ethereum 2.0's switch to a proof-of-stake system on the way, "ETC will be the only non-fragmented, fixed monetary policy, (proof-of-work) PoW and Turing complete blockchain. That is an extremely valuable niche in the industry that will be increasingly appreciated in the next few years as the layer 1 (L1) vs layer (L2) and security vs performance segmentations become more evident for market participants"

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