Ethereum developer hopes for quantum resistance roadmap within 3-5 years

Ethereum developer hopes for quantum resistance roadmap within 3-5 years
It has been reported by The Daily Hodl that Finder recently held an interview with Danny Ryan, one of the core researchers and developers of Ethereum 2.0. In the interview, Ryan explained how he is hoping for Ethereum to be quantum resistant within 3-5 years, with some info on how that may be possible.
The interview covers multiple topics, including the upcoming Casper upgrade and the transfer to proof of stake. At one point, the discussion turns to quantum computing, and how to make Ethereum quantum resistant.
The issues at stake here is that once quantum computers become sufficiently powerful, cracking the cryptography that secures many cryptocurrencies will become trivial. It could be a huge issue for the field in the next 10-20 years. However, many researchers are looking to implement "quantum resistant" algorithms, to secure their networks long after these new computers become available.
This is what Ryan is hoping for Ethereum in the coming years, though even developing the plan may take time. He is quoted in the article:
"One of our design goals in Ethereum 2.0 is to at least have a credible path to being quantum resistant in the three-to-five-year time horizon."
Currently the team is exploring a technology called zk-SNARKS, which will not only enable quantum resistance, but also imporve privacy and speed.

It may be some time before this is all implemented, but then it will be some time before quantum computers are ready to tackle the cryptography powering most coins. Which will be ready first? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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