If you buy Bitcoin now, you're likely to get rekt, says Richard Heart

In a recent interview with CNBC Crypto Trader host, Ran NeuNer, Bitcoin billionaire Richard Heart spoke about the future of Bitcoin’s price and the expected end of the bear market.
If you buy Bitcoin now, you're likely to get rekt, says Richard Heart
Richard Heart, who bought Bitcoin when it was trading at just $50, was asked if he thought the recent Bitcoin bounce was the real thing. “I think this could be the beginning of the end,” he said.
He explained that during the last bear market, there was a capitulation candle, followed by a good bounce. After some mostly horizontal movement, there was another capitulation wick. Heart added that this isn’t a rally that traders have been buying into as there are no premiums on futures. Additionally, he states that institutional investors “can FOMO harder and easier now  than they ever could before," adding that “If we don’t have the bull run now, maybe come October, it going to be fabulous.”
NeuNer then asked if Heart expects to see another capitulation candle to follow. “I do,” says Heart, “I think we will. The question is do we make lower lows or not.” He goes on to say that the only reason capitulation would stop is because “so many institutional players are getting in that it reduces the volatility a bit.”
Heart then opined that he would buy into Bitcoin during the next capitulation wick when BTC hits between $3,000 - $4,200, explaining “history tends to repeat itself.” He added that “the best chart to give you an idea of what Bitcoin will do is what Bitcoin has done.”
“When a bear market ends, you don’t get an instant bull market,” he explains. “You have a horizontal period of chopping about, and this would be the beginning of that period.”
He concludes by stating that if you buy Bitcoin now, you’re likely to get rekt.

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