Interview with BitMex founder Arthur Hayes: "BTC to $50k within 2-5 years"

Interview with BitMex founder Arthur Hayes: BTC to $50k within 2-5 years
Cryptocurrency trader and personality Luke Martin, also known as Venture Coinist recently interviewed the Co-founder and CEO of cryptocurrency trading exchange Arthur Hayes of BitMex exchange. Talking about the future of BitMex as well as the CEO's prediction for the future of cryptocurrencies. 
The interview which was hosted on the Venture Coinist Youtube channel covered several key topics related to BitMex and the company's future plans. Included in those plans are potential fixed income interest on customers holding BTC on the exchange as well as plans to include the ability to invest in equity indices using BTC.
The interview also covered the BitMex insurance fund, which is well known amongst BitMex users for its continuous growth on the exchange. Hayes commented on the insurance fund, stating that the more it grows, the more comfortable the exchange will be in offering customers larger orders and the ability to pay customers for holding their trades for longer periods of time. Hayes also explained that the larger the insurance fund gets, the more freedom the exchange can offer, which would include the potential for larger leverage options in the future.
Venture Coinist also asked the question of where Hayes sees bitcoin long term and what he thinks the bitcoin price target will be. Hayes explains that he thinks "financial privacy will be dead within five years" explaining that governments want to control everything, including money. Hayes explains that he thinks crypto will be the last frontier for financial privacy, concluding that BTC could reach "say $50,000 in the next two to five years, it could go higher if the world plays out the way I think it will play out"
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-BitMEX beginnings
-Future products and plans
-Trader specific topics like upgrades, trading experience, and more
-Financial privacy
-BTC outlook & 2019 price target

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