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More responses to Vitalik Buterin's dislike of BSV on Deconomy Forum

Andreas Antonopoulos regretted his comments that agreed with Vitalik Buterin's tweet on Bitcoin SV in the Deconomy Forum. 
Image result for More responses to Vitalik Buterin's dislike of BSV on Deconomy Forum
As it has been announced on Deconomy's official website, many renowned figures in the crypto industry are currently attending the Deconomy Forum event in South Korea as key speakers.
Among them are Vitalik Buterin who shared the platform with Nouriel Roubini on the topic “Fundamental Value of Cryptocurrency and its Sustainability”, Changpeng Zhao who will talk about “Centralized vs Decentralized”, Joseph Lubin for the topic “The State of The Blockchain Ecosystem” and Andreas Antonopoulos who can be seen sharing his “Thoughts on the Future of Programmable Money”.
In one of the discussion panel, the topic being brought up was “Bitcoin Scaling and Economics” with several key speakers, such as JD Mining founder, Peter Ng, Saito Tech founder, David Lancashire, SBI Holdings’ Crypto Solutions GM, Jerry Chan and RelayX Founder, Jack Liu.
Apparently, some (if not all) of the speakers are Bitcoin SV’s proponents, thus the discussion went on in favor of Craig Wright’s cryptocurrency.
As previously reported by Chepicap, Vitalik Buterin expressed his dislike to the above situation through his personal Twitter account, which was "welcomed" by Bitcoin advocate, Andreas Antonopoulos right away.
A while after showing his "endorsement", Antonopoulos can be seen regretting and revising his previous comment in several tweets. 
“I expressed myself poorly in the tweet below. It blew up in a way I regret. My objection was to the escalation of staged "drama" for the purpose of entertainment. Nevertheless, my tweet had the opposite effect, itself escalating the drama. I hope everyone accepts my apology.”
Followed by, “I did not intend this as an attack against BSV or the panelists on that panel. Again, apologies to those involved.”

I did not intend this as an attack against BSV or the panelists on that panel. Again, apologies to those involved.

I don't like all this fake drama and fighting that is often inflamed in order to create clicks and sell tickets, like a carnival of the bizarre.
Instead of being precise with my language, I hastily threw out a comment.

Oh well. I'll try to do better...

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Meanwhile, Craig Wright's right hand, Jimmy Nguyen can be seen following the “How to respond to haters” guideline as he commented with an image, titled “Words of Wisdom from Rupaul”.

Kinda disappointed @Deconomy_forum is again giving airtime to BSV shills, this time a panel of them.

At least there's some hilarious quotes... my favorite was that Segwit is bad because separating signatures from transactions "has legal ramifications"

View image on Twitter

Some of the other comments are pointing out that Ethereum is no different or even worse.
“Yeah, it reminds me of when I went to conferences and they were eth shills (some of them I think paid by the ethereum foundation) spreading lies like "bitcoin lacks smart contracts, I bet you can get used to it too," said user @Timoncc.
Or “I was in ETH. It sucks. Expensive transactions fees. Network crashes when high volume of txns. Downloading that blockchain to my laptop took hours to sync my node. ICO scams turned off so many investors.  Bitcoin works so well.  I absolutely love it. Bye bye envious Vitalik,” BitcoinHoarder said.
But, the comment of the day definitely goes to Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao's. He responded to the "bickering" by saying, "Less debating, more #building. Let markets do the selection.”

Well said, CZ!

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