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New York Times reporter reveals that eTrade is preparing to offer crypto

New York Times reporter reveals that eTrade is preparing to offer crypto
Today New York Times technology reporter Nathaniel Popper posted on twitter that he has been made aware that in the wake of the TD Ameritrade announcement that they will be offering access to Bitcoin futures, now eTrade is gearing up to offer access to Bitcoin and Ethereum for all of its 5 million+ customers.
In the wake of TD Ameritrade quietly opening Bitcoin trading for some of its customers, I was just told that eTrade is preparing to begin offering both Bitcoin and Ether trading to its 5 million or so customers and is just finalizing a third party to actually hold the coins.
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This is potentially huge news, especially considering how many other institutions are beginning to get involved in cryptocurrency.
No details were given outside of what is in the tweet, but it is plausible this information is accurate, given the source. Of course, some on twitter weighed in with their two cents:
Anyone paying close attention knows @TDAmeritrade was not news. Just like when firms start launching more chatbots will not be news to us. https://financefeeds.com/td-ameritrade-rolls-ai-based-chatbot-wechat-hong-kong/ 

and I've been working on @etrade. Chatbots, investing and crypto will go hand in hand. http://tokenbot.com  pic.twitter.com/SrJaWrMZ0b
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Sh$t like his always seems to come out right after major FUD. Like two invisible egomaniacs fighting against each other. One that wants it to fail, or just be cheaper. The other one that wants it succeed. Satoshi, is that you?
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However you feel, this could stand to bring some serious new money into the crypto space. Will it launch soon? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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