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Ripple (XRP) mentioned in IMF paper as payments processing alternative

Perhaps investing hard in communicating to the institutional sector was not such a bad choice after all, judging from the International Monetary Fund’s shout out to Ripple on one of their latest papers.
Ripple (XRP) mentioned in IMF paper as payments processing alternative
After the recent declarations from IMF director Christine Lagarde, where she mentioned that, independently from the name, distributed ledger technologies and crypto were here to “shake the system”, this piece of strategy from the Fund is getting its share of attention today.
On a document entitled “FinTech in Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Game Changer?”, the use of “DLT systems such as Ripple” appears to be suggested as a possible way to overcome the hurdles in processing remittances in sub-Saharan Africa:
It should be mentioned, however, that the piece of policy suggested in this document cannot be assumed as a general modification of the IMF’s positions on crypto. However, it can definitely be read in many ways regarding future changes in that sense. The XRP and crypto community have been quick to send out their judgements about the topic:
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