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The migration from Ethereum to Binance Chain: who's next?

The migration from Ethereum to Binance Chain: who's next?
The Mithril project has been announced as the first cryptocurrency to move to the Binance Chain, the Thursday launched native blockchain of the Binance exchange. $MITH is definitely not going to be the last project to move to Binance, so what can we expect in the next few days?
Binance Chain launched on April 18 and will execute its Mainnet Swap on April 23. Tokens on the Binance Chain will be referred to as BEP-2.
Mithril, a decentralized social media platform, launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, but has now decided to shake hands with Binance and move its token to the new Binance Chain and DEX. The effects were visible right away: the MITH token surged with 70% back to levels not seen since December 2018.

Chart provided by Tradingview
Together with the announcement that Mitrhil moves to the Binance Chain, Binance also added the trading pairs $MITH/$BNB and $MITH/USDT on the exchange.
With the hype around Binance Chain and DEX growing by the day, what can we expect in the upcoming days? And what project could be next?
Mithril announced that it will be 'the first' project to move to Binance Chain, after which Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted $MITH will be 'one of the first'. This means there are more projects coming to Binance Chain soon, something CZ hinted at a couple of weeks ago already by stating that 'there are already more than eight projects that will move from Ethereum to Binance Chain.'

Atomic WalletFollowing the Mithril announcement, Atomic Wallet was quicky to become the second project to announce that it will migrate to the Binance Chain. Atomic Wallet is one of the wallets supporting Binance DEX from the beginning. 
Congrats @Binance Chain on Mainnet Launch! It will be fully supported in @AtomicWallet next release. Our token is one of the first projects to migrate on @BinanceDEX 🚀
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Enjin rumors?
It seems the must rumors about the next project to be migrating to Binance Chain is Enjin Coin (ENJ). This has largely to do with an AMA of the Enjin Team in the Binance Telegram Group earlier this month. In that AMA, CEO Maxim Blagov dropped a huge hint, saying that his second favorite feature of Enjin is 'not released yet but coming very soon. I'll give you a hint, it involves Binance Chain!'.
That feature turns out to be the integration of Binance Chain into the Enjin Wallet. So far it seems this release does not include moving to the Binance Chain, but fact is that Binance and Enjin have a strong connection.

The Enjin Wallet will fully support #Binance Chain, including $BNBassets and @Binance_DEX exchange functions. 

We're excited to be a part of this @binance revelation and provide #EnjinWallet users with a convenient, secure, and precise trading platform.https://t.co/kP8zz6Vbht pic.twitter.com/vLhnEwpNLF
Binance Launchpad
Interesting will be to see what happens to the projects that have conducted their token sale, or will in the future, using Binance Launchpad. So far, BitTorrent, Fetch.AI and Celer Network have had their sale on Launchpad, and Matic Network will follow at the end of the month.
BitTorrent is a token on the TRON blockchain and because of its strong connection with TRON, will probably not move to Binance. But both Fetch.AI and Celer Network are now living on the Ethereum blockchain, and could migrate to Binance as they have already established a relationship with the exchange because of their Launchpad sale.
And what about the future token sales on Launchpad? It's highly likely the tokens being selected to conduct their token sale on the Binance platform will be going live as a BEP-2 token.
Announcements expected
With the Binance Chain migration on Tuesday, there are more announcements expected within the next few days from projects who will be moving or launching on the Binance Chain. A lot of traders will be following these updates closely after the $MITH token jumped 70% following their announcement.
On Reddit, a Redditor issued a warning as well for projects moving its token to Binance Chain, saying that some or most of them could be doing this because of the hype, the liquidity and the pairings with the $BNB token that comes with it.
Whatever you may think of this latest move of Binance, fact is that both the exchange and the BNB token are growing at a rapid pace, getting a lot of investors excited about the future of the company in this space.

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