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Traders and analysts say Bitcoin is to test $5500; $6000 next?

Traders and analysts say Bitcoin is to test $5500; $6000 next?
Another day, another promising move from Bitcoin, but will this one be like all the others? And how long until we break past $6000? Here’s what the traders and analysts of the crypto space have to say…
Bitcoin now eyes a new resistance level around $5,300, and Bitcoin seems primed to imminently test that. So if BTC doesn’t get rejected off these levels what’s the upside?
One trader, known as Jesse Feinberg, or Darth Crypto (depending on his mood, presumably) sees BTC running to $5600 – 5760 as long as we break through resistance at $5300. However, rejection off this level, would, in this trader’s view, means a correction, possibly a fairly harsh one to around $4400.
Break $5340 (BF), and I have a 5th wave here for , running up to approx. 5600-5760. Get rejected at this resistance, and it's more likely we get to my correction scenario.

Either way, STOP LOSSES a must! Read my notes about Personal Asset Short Selling (PASS).
See Jesse Feinberg (Darth Crypto)'s other Tweets
However, that is the worse case scenario and as Feinberg follows up, there is a fair amount of support stopping BTC from causing too much damage:
is dipping ever so slightly, RIGHT on time. But we have SOOO MUCH support, I really think we'll hold.

Either way, make SURE you have STOP LOSSES set. I'm sleepin', but hopefully by the time I wake up, we have a decision.

Too tired to keep writing
See Jesse Feinberg (Darth Crypto)'s other Tweets
our next analyst, Josh Rager, suggests that this constant oscillation between $5000 - $5200 is actually gaining BTC further support; caveating that this fluctuation also creates stronger resistance, which may see BTC move sideways for a few weeks…
The longer ranges between $5,000 to $5,200, the stronger support it becomes after the next push up

Though this equally becomes a stronger resistance if a breakdown occurs

IMO, Bitcoin likely stays in the price range of this chart for weeks to come
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Chepicap’s own resident Technical analysis expert, David Borman also eyes this key level of resistance. First giving the bear case, Borman suggests that sentiment is still too strong to break through this psychological level. However, ruling nothing out, he states that $4500 may be the next level BTC arrives at should 5k break, due to resistance from rising 200 moving average providing support around that level.
Onto the upside, Borman sees the next target at around 5500, a level at which a previous test failed.

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