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Twitter user claims BTC related tweets at a 5 year low, others contest

Twitter user claims BTC related tweets at a 5 year low, others contest
According to one user on twitter the number of Bitcoin tweets is at a low not seen in five years, and he makes the assumption this means interest in the currency must be on the decline. Others came out to point out that it is likely he is misinterpreting the data, and also that twitter is hardly the preferred metric.
Bitcoin-related tweets are at their lowest level in 5 years.

There were 16,710 Bitcoin tweets yesterday, but roughly 30k Bitcoin tweets per day in 2015.

The world (outside Crypto Twitter) isn't paying attention to Bitcoin.
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Right off the bat, you may find this a bit of a brash conclusion based upon a single type of metric: people who talk about Bitcoin on twitter. Other users felt similarly:
Or maybe the world outside Twitter is paying attention to Bitcoin. The network is larger, hash rate is up, liquidity is up.

r/Bitcoin accounted for most of the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2012-13 and Bitcointalk before it in 2010-11. Twitter is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
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I would say that the reason is Twitter clamping down on bots rather than lack of interest in btc. You had a real bot party back in 2015 - nowadays Twitter does a much better job at banning them.
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Makes sense. BTC markets share dropped by 50%. People are tweeting about Bitcoin Cash and other crypto now.
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Many of the responses make good points about the way the crypto sphere has evolved. That being said, it is not entirely clear exactly which of these forces are causing such a drop in tweets. The fact that so many competing coins have arrived on the scene does make a good case for the fact that now people are tweeting about other coins beyond Bitcoin.
It is also fair to say that in general tweet activity slows down with the market. It isn't hard to imagine that with the next bull run, likely the amount of tweets concerning Bitcoin will be on the rise again. When that happens? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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