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Bitcoin could continue its rally and hit $10,000 soon

Many prominent traders and crypto analysts are predicting another leap forward for the world's number one cryptocurrency, with $10,000 now being a realistic target for the short-term.
Bitcoin could continue its rally and hit $10,000 soon
Just as a typically quiet Sunday in the crypto market was coming to an end, Bitcoin surged all the way up to around $8,800 in just a few hours. Perhaps unexpected for some, but not for these two crypto traders and analysts.
The crypto trader and analyst, going by the Twitter handle, Moon Overlord, took to Twitter two days ago, to suggest that Bitcoin could soon break above the $8,400 to $8,500 resistance level, and then continue its upward rally to the $10,000 price point.
At the time of his price prediction, Bitcoin was trading at around $7,800 to $8,000.
Today, the crypto trader, seems even more convinced that Bitcoin will hit $10,000 or more any time soon now, as he told his 51K Twitter followers to stop tweeting and start buying BTC.
Moon Overlord is not the only crypto analyst, who was and is enthusiastic about the possibility for Bitcoin to hit that $10,000 price mark any time now.
Just a few days ago, Chepicap reported that Galaxy, another well-known crypto analyst, took to Twitter as well to state that Bitcoin is still trading in a symmetrical triangle pattern, which indicates that BTC has a 60% chance to break upwards.
According to the analyst, if this breakout would take place, Bitcoin's price could leap to $10,000, and this within a three week time frame.
is currently forming a symmetrical triangle and that means a 60% chance of breaking upwards on its way to $10K.

It's important to keep a closer look because when it will confirm a direction, alts will retrace.

But for now, we have approx 2 weeks to enjoy the altcoin party.
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The crypto trader even thinks that the $11,000 price mark is right around the corner.
Turns out that both crypto analysts aren't too far off with their predictions.
They might be in fact, spot on, if Bitcoin decides to push through all the way to the $10,000 price point.
Do you think $10,000 will be next? Let us know in the poll below.

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