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Ethereum transactions have risen 44% in just 3 months

It is being reported by LongHash that transactions on the Ethereum network have been on the rise lately, and have recently seen a new high that is 44% above where it was only 3 months ago.
Ethereum transactions have risen 44% in just 3 months
When looking at a chart outlining network transactions from February 19th to May 19th we can see that, although there was a slight dip after, the total reached a new high of 735,400 tx/day. Seeing as that number was only 512,460 three months prior, this constitutes a 44% rise in the daily number of transactions using Ethereum.
In addition, the total amount of Gas being used to power the network every day has risen from 31 billion to 48 billion in the same timeframe.
Reasons for this almost certainly include an influx of users, but also an ongoing evolution of smart contracts. Since complex smart contracts can consume more Gas and perform more transactions, hypothetically, then it is likely that what is being seen here is generally more users interracting with increasingly complex dApps.
All of this is rather bullish for Ethereum in the long run. If these numbers can continue to grow, then perhaps soon Ethereum can become the global computer it has been positioning itself to be for years now.

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