The first day of May has brought a fair share of green to the market as Bitcoin tests $5,400 once again. The top 20 also all saw green. 
First day of May sees green all over the market, BTC testing $5,400
The new month kicked off with a solid start as the top 20 cryptos all saw green. Most notable was Bitcoin Cash with a huge 13.22% increase in price, seeing the biggest jump in the top 20, and the second biggest in the top 100 after Raven Coin climbed 19.51%
Another notable mentin was Cosmos who offically gets listed on Coinmarketcap at rank 17, with a total market cap currently sitting at just under $800m. The project also saw a 9.40% gain in price on Wednesday. 
The total market cap has surged over $7 billion since yesterday, with volume slowly increasing up to $46.7 billion. 
Could May be the month we see Bitcoin blow over $6,000? Do you think the bottom has come and gone for BTC? 

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