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These are the 3 coins to watch for June 2019 - Cryptocurrency

What are the cryptocurrency projects that are planning big releases, upgrades, updates or even mainnet launches in May? Which altcoins are worth keeping an eye on? These are the 3 coins to watch for in June…
These are the 3 coins to watch for June 2019 - Cryptocurrency
May provided some incredibly bullish gains for many altcoins, with a large proportion increasing by over +50% including (but by no means limited to) Litecoin (LTC)Ethereum (ETH), and XRP citing respective gains of 56%66%, and 43% over the course of the month. It's perhaps fair to say that if an altseason isn’t already her than its certainly on its way...
However, as always, in order to pick which cryptocurrencies to hodl in the long term, you need to see them build in the short. So with that in mind, here are the 3 coins to watch for June.
First up:
Noted as one of the many Ethereum killers, EOS focuses on (you guessed it) decentralized apps (dApps). EOS aims for commercial-scale dApps, dubbing itself the most powerful infrastructure for the development and execution of these dApps. Alongside this, EOS aims to one-up Ethereum by solving several bottlenecks such as scalability and speed.  
June 1st announcement
Back in March EOS founder, Dan Larimer shared a message within the project telegram chat; the message was vague, but added just enough speculation to hype up nearly everyone involved…
 (Larimer has clearly been taking lessons in promotion from Justin Sun…)
Block.One - EOS’ parent company - even got in on the hype, revealing a little more about the announcement, suggesting that it would take place on June 1st, at the B1 event in Washington DC.
In the time since Larimer’s veiled announcement, EOS has cited an increase of approximately 100%. (time to up your game Sun…)
Fuelling the flames of speculation, just a few days ago, EOS unstaked approximately 9.8 million EOS, using 3.3 million of these newly unshackled tokens to purchase an inordinate amount of RAM.

Why? That’s pretty much anyone’s guess…
One Twitter user suggested that the RAM may well be used for an entirely different project…
NOTE: once RAM is purchased, it cannot be used to create new accounts. The RAM for a new account is purchased at the time of account creation.

This is for something BIG! πŸš€
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However, due to Larimer's recent ruminations on Twitter, assumptions point towards some kind of decentralized social media.
What if you could decentralize social media more than steemit? The future of social media is thousands of blockchains under independent governance coordinating with inter-chain communication behind a seamless user experience.
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Coinbase listing:
On top of all of the hype and speculation, Coinbase decided to spring a surprise listing on everyone by adding EOS to their rosters.
Incredibly, not much in the way of price action has occurred since this supposedly coveted listing.
Either way, all of this makes EOS one to watch for June…
Up next:
Keeping with the theme of Ethereum killers, NEO was Inspired by ETH’s desire to create a platform upon which any number of blockchain-based applications could be built, NEOs founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang took Ethereum fundamentals and fine-tuned them in order to resonate with a wider demographic of developers.
NEO mainnet upgrade
NEO announced the plans to update its network just a few days ago setting the date of June 3rd for an upgrade to its mainnet which included an optimized Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) 2.0.
One particularly notable addition within the upgrade is the introduction of an oversize fee, charged on transactions larger than 1024 bytes - classified as high prioirty transactions
If a High Priority transaction size exceeds 1024 bytes, a Network Fee will be charged based on the formula: transaction size * 0.00001 GAS + 0.001 GAS. 
Transactions with network fees lower than 0.001 GAS are classed as a Low Priority, and only 20 are allowed per block. Low Priority transactions cannot be larger than 1024 bytes.
An official announcement relays that this oversize fee acts as a safeguard against attacks to the network and malicious actors, further securing the network. 
Last, but not least…
Binance Coin (BNB)
The native cryptocurrency of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance; utilized as an alternative method for paying fees within trading transactions, BNB has seen a monumental rise in 2019 citing gains upwards of 420%, around 50% of which were acquired in May alone.  
Buidl, Buidl, Buidl.
Binance continues to build, day in day out, and along with this constant work effort, managed to continue to find new use cases for BNB.
Binance boss Changpeng “CZ’ Zhao recently apologized to his 365k followers for what he deemed to be “spammy” behavior following some sustained BNB shilling.
However, you can’t blame the guy for being proud, this week has seen a myriad of bullish developments for the company, including a reinvigorated Binance interface, several project migrations onto the incipient Binance Chain, as well as a brand new pairing between the Singapore dollar (SGD) and BNB.
However, the real deal appears to be the launch of margin trading, a feature desired by copious amounts of Binance traders.
Along with the redesigned website, Binance launched a beta version of its margin trading facilities, allowing users up to 2x leverage in order to inflate their trades.
Burn, BNB, Burn…
Alongside all of Binance’s ongoing developments, later this month the firm will undergo its quarterly BNB burn, in which - as per its whitepaper - a portion of the supply of BNB is removed from circulation, by being sent to an invalid address and eliminated. This burn is scheduled to occur every 3 months until 50% of the circulating supply is removed.
This tri-monthly coin cull often acts as a catalyst for a price surge; simply put, as the circulating supply decreases, demand increases.  
While no date has been officiated, the burn is likely to take place on the 15th of June, as the burn usually lands on the 15th each time.
That concludes our coins to watch for June, join Chepicap next month for more cryptocurrencies to keep tabs on!
This is not investment advice; price doesn’t always react to developments - this is simply an overview of coins that could be in the spotlight the next month.

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