Analyst: BTC will bounce to $11.8k and correct, alts will pump for 80 days

As Bitcoin remains over $10k the various analysts and traders of crypto Twitter are speculating upon the next move. According to one such trader, the crypto markets are set up for a very specific move…
Analyst: BTC will bounce to $11.8k and correct, alts will pump for 80 days
Right now Bitcoin is trading around $10,623, down from yesterdays high of approximately $11,200.
BTC/USD Chart provided by Tradingview 
However, an anonymous tip-off from one crypto analyst suggested that Bitcoin may soon be back above $11k and touching the tip of $12k by the end of today.
According to Crypto_Ed_NL – a well-known crypto trader – the tip-off specifically noted that BTC will be trading at $11.8k today and for the following 2 days before “correcting”; Thereafter Altcoins will allegedly “pump for 80 days.”
"BTC will bounce on sunday for 2 days to 11.800 and start correcting after that, while alts will pump for 80 days"
Someone contacted me with this statement and showed me a very interesting charting techinique which was nailing it in past months.
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While admitting the tip-off was a highly speculative assumption, ED suggested that this “Interesting charting technique” was “damn accurate.”
I'm always very sceptical about these "crystal ball predictions" but this one looks damn accurate from what I saw.
Will test and study it today and see what happens in coming days.
If it works, all credits to the creator and will talk with him if and how he wants to publish it but that will be without me.
And no, it was not Marius 😅
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However, in response to a comment upon the validity of the charting technique, ED relayed that his team still needed to test the theory.
Most interesting here is what will it correct to in this model. How can we verify if he was right and the theory can be used more often.
Trust me, I have a lot of questions too before starting to believe in it.
So has the creator, he's not trying to hype something but looking for second opinion.
If he doesn't want it to be published, I'll respect that.
See Crypto_Ed_NL's other Tweets
He asked me for a second opinion so me and our team will test it to see if it makes sense. Let's wait for that and see what the creator wants to do with his knowledge.
See Crypto_Ed_NL's other Tweets
What do you think? Will this theory work out? Or is it a ploy to create FOMO and FUD? Let us know in the comments!
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