Analysts split on how Bitcoin is going to move next

The Daily Hodl has recently reported that multiple analysts have weighed in on where it looks like the price of Bitcoin is going next based upon recent technical analysis. Most agree a continuation up is likely, but not everyone agrees what that looks like.
Analysts split on how Bitcoin is going to move next
Analyst Josh Olszewicz took to twitter to point out that he feels that $11,400 is likely a key level of resistance that needs to be broken or else we may dip to $9,000:

OG PF calling 11,400 as a possible top
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Others can't help but feel Bitcoin is eyeballing its all time high at $20,000:
Another analyst, Josh Rager, feels that current consolidation should keep us moving upward, and also notes the resistance seen at $11,400:
- 4 hr chart

Currently consolidating in a formation that should likely lead to continuation up

Classical charting doesn't always work on the BTC chart & most patterns are market made to throw people off

But I think BTC moves up to challenge the weekly resistance $11,469
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One other analyst, Tom Lee, ponders if the previous market cycle was really a bubble at all:
Just an observation, but if re-attains its all-time high this year, it is only 18-20 months from prior high.

When a market re-attains a high so quickly, one could argue the prior high was not a bubble after all.

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Ultimately it will be up to the market to decide where Bitcoin goes next, but overall sentiment remains positive.

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