Binance survey: BTC dominance could reach 80% by 2020

Recently Binance Research released their "Institutional Market Insights - Q2 2019" and with it came some interesting information about the current views of investors as well as their demographics. One notable result showed that as much as 30% of investors felt that by 2020 Bitcoin may reach an 80% dominance level, though around half felt it would at least maintain 50%.
Binance survey: BTC dominance could reach 80% by 2020
Although 50% of those polled felt Bitcoin would end 2019 in the 40-60% range, another 30% felt that 60-80% was likely and even another 5% of bold believers felt that Bitcoin could rise above 80%. This result is interesting unto itself, but the report reveals a few more interetiing tidbits about the polled investors.
For one, around half of them have been involved in crypto for less than 3 years:
To be fair, crypto is pretty young, and over 70% had 3 or more years prior experience in traditional finance:
One other interesting fact is where many of these investors keep their crypto. While over 80% do keep some crypto stored on exchanges (not that surprising assuming many are actively trading), it is optimistic to see that upwards of 60% are utilizing cold storage as well. 
Overalll, the report has a lot of good information and is well worth a look over. Still, it is interesting to see snapshots of the mentality many investors have currently. Will these numbers change as the market evolves? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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