Bitcoin breaks major resistance at $11,400, is $12K next?

In just the last couple of hours, Bitcoin has managed to push above the resistance seen at $11,400, and is now showing considerable momentum towards $12,000, the next major resistance. Already traders and analysts are responding to what this could mean.
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Currently the price of Bitcoin has just touched on $11,600 level and is eyeballing $11.7K:
BTC/USD Chart provided by Tradingview
Already voices from across twitter are beginning to respond to this exciting break. Some are just in awe:
In the category insane charts of all time, I think this one will definitely be part of it.

What a chart.
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Others are still concerned about the relatively poor performance of most Altcoins at the moment:
Some are concerned that this pump is not supported by enough volume to be sustained:
And there are those who see no reason this run could not carry us a lot higher:
1/1- It’s hard to not look at the chart and think it should correct.

I am still long all my spot, this reminds me of every other time we assumed a correction was iminent, i.e. end of March, only for price to fire up and leave sidelined investors scrambling to enter.
2/2- so far no change in trend, price does not NEED to correct, especially now that MSM is starting to fire up around it.
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The next few hours could be critical for where Bitcoin goes next. As always, stay right here with Chepicap for all updates on this fast moving price action!