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Google Analytics shows more than 90% of Bitcoiners are male

Recent data from Google Analytics shows some interesting demographics. One of the most relevant, and perhaps least surprising, is that over 90 percent of those who engage with the Bitcoin community are male.
Google Analytics shows more than 90% of Bitcoiners are male
Although just a little over 9 percent of Bitcoiners identify as female, this most recent figure represents an all-time high for the space. Meanwhile, the age demographics of Bitcoin community definitely skews toward the young. Just under 48 percent of Bitcoiners are aged 25-34, and around 28 percent are aged between 35 and 44. Interestingly, there are more Bitcoiners aged 45-54 than in the 18-24 age range.
As for the hobbies and interests of Bitcoiners, they seem to be mostly interested in money and using that money to make more money, unsurprisingly. The most popular categories for 'Community Interests' were financial services, investment services and banking, with a total of 11 percent expressing their interest. As for 'Community Affinities', around 7 percent identified as 'avid investors', while the 'technophiles' category was just behind, with just under 7 percent.
Although the tech-savvy crypto enthusiast would be expected to be someone protective of their data, and making use of software that adheres closely to the ideology of decentralization, relatively few used privacy-focused browsers. Around 88 percent surfed the web using either Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Just 1.76 percent of Bitcoiners said that they used Opera, the leading web browsing software for privacy, while the decentralized browser Brave wasn't even mentioned in the data.

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