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Whole market sees a spike, Bitcoin now above $8,600

In just the last few hours, the whole crypto market has seen an impressive spike, gaining over $6 billion. Many alts had been feeling a bit of downside pressure, but this pump is quickly bringing them back up to recover recent losses. Bitcoin itself is over $8,600 and rising.
Whole market sees a spike, Bitcoin now above $8,600
At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is currently at $8,673, and showing a lot of strength still.
BTC/USD Chart provided by Tradingview
However Bitcoin is hardly the only one doing well. Ethereum has recovered almost all of its recent losses: 
ETH/USD Chart provided by Tradingview
Due to the recent downside, most coins are still below breaking even for the last 24 hours, but almost all coins are moving in the right direction. However a few coins are still truly struggling for the day, specifically Nano, down -8.75% to $1.58, as well as the previously reported on Binance Coin (BNB) dip in relation to Binance announcing the halt of operations in the US is on the way, BNB now down -6.80% to $32.63.
Hopefully this upswing can continue and Bitcoin can carry on towards $9,000.

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