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Investing in crypto Jan 2017 vs Jan 2018: 100% difference in results

A recent blog post has shed light on the difference between investing $1,000 in January 2018, after the bull run and January 2019, after a bear year. The results show the difference between investing during bear markets and bull markets.
Investing in crypto Jan 2017 vs Jan 2018: 100% difference in results
In a recent Publish0x blog post, user 'Starhere' recorded their experiment based on investing $1,000 broken between the top 10 cryptos at the time. The user invested $100 into each of the top 10 cryptos in January 2018, and then replicated the experiment in January 2019.
'Starthere' explains the experiment as "a lazy man's Index Fund", the results show a massive difference in both projects, with the January 2018 investment project down 70% to date, while the January 2019 experiment is up over 113%. 
The difference in success and failure in both projects is simply astounding. 
The results of the 2018 Investment experiment can be seen below:
Compared to the 2019 Investment experiment, it has taken 7 months to see a total gain of 21% on both experiments. 
The project just goes to show the power of averaging into investments during bear markets and dips in order to better protect your investment. 

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