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Study finds only 20% of Facebook users interested in Libra

It has been reported by Be In Crypto that Analyst Brent Thill recently revealed on CNBC that a survey taken of Facebook users revealed that only 1 out of 5 had any interest in using the upcoming Libra currency.
Study finds only 20% of Facebook users interested in Libra
Recently on CNBC show "Power Lunch," social media analyst Brent Thill discussed a poll of 600 Facebook users that found that a whole 80% of them would "never use the Libra."
According to Thill it could take a few years after the Libra's launch for the crypto or financial space to feel the impact. New technology can take years to launch, and the Libra is currently seeing some pretty heavy pushback from regulators and users alike.
With such a low level of interest from what is basically the main user base for this currency, it is unclear if the Libra will be met with much of a reception assuming it is able to launch. Throw in the issues with regulators and it is beginning to look like a rocky journey just to get the Libra live.
Will Facebook be able to tackle some of these issues and generate greater desire for their new crypto? Or is the project dead in the water? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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