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Long Live Single-Player Games, Says Star Wars Gaming Community Lead

Image result for Long Live Single-Player Games, Says Star Wars Gaming Community Lead
  • Ben Walke, Global Community Lead on Star Wars games, recently tweeted out support for single-player games.
  • Single-player and multiplayer games seem to be in a constant war with each other.
  • In reality, a balance between the two sides is really important.
The battle between single-player and multiplayer games has been raging for decades. Many companies seemed convinced that multiplayer gaming was the future, but a slew of top-notch single-player titles proved them wrong. The past year has been great for single-player gaming.
Apparently, the global community lead for Star Wars games, Ben Walke, agrees. He recently tweeted an homage to single-player games not long after the release of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The tweet sparked many rallying cries from other gamers, proving that single-player is around to stay.
Source: Twitter.
The Resurrection of Single-Player
Multiplayer got a little big for its breaches over the years. I personally blame Grand Theft Auto V Online for that one. It becomes the biggest selling entertainment product in the world, smashing global records. Ever since then, everyone wants to create a ‘live service’ that people will play forever.
It started long before that really. As soon as COD became more popular than breathing, companies were scrambling to create online shooters. Over the following years, single-player games declined in the triple-A space, mainly consisting of token campaign modes bolted onto multiplayer-focused titles.
Then some sort of cultural shift happened. Horizon Zero Dawn came out, and people loved it. It gave confidence, especially to PlayStation, to really push some single-player only titles: God of War, Spider-Man, even the Witcher III. Things have been riding high for more than 12 months for Single-Play.
Single-Player Games Will Always Be Necessary
I think that if the resurgence of single-player games has proven anything,


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