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New tourist attraction in Australia is a floating hotel on the Great Barrier Reef

The $10 million floating hotel on the Great Barrier Reef could claim to be the latest entry in the hotel industry. It is a new tourist attraction and a novel concept of tourism. This is because it offers underwater suites where tourists can enjoy marine lives from close quarters. These are luxury reefsuites and located at Hardy Reef. In the opinion of tourism Minister Kate Jones, these could be a “game changer” as far as the local tourism industry is concerned. The suites are at a depth of about 12 feet below the surface of the water. Three inches of glass separate the guests from the marine life outside. The windows are from floor to ceiling and Wi-Fi or phone signal will not break into the lives of those who come. It is a joint project of the Queensland Government and a private developer.

Unique concept to boost tourism

Those who love to involve in out-of-the-world outdoor activities will love this new tourist attraction. Yes, it will be a costly affair and the charges would cover transfers, water activities, meals and drinks. An official says the hotel will provide all concerned to get to know and understand the Great Barrier Reef better. Minister Kate Jones is upbeat over the concept. She believes a stay the hotel would be one of the most iconic tourism experiences in Australia. Guests can arrive via Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach.

The Great Barrier Reef

Inscribed as a World Heritage in 1981, the Great Barrier Reef runs along the northeast coast of Australia. It is world famous for its coral reefs, but global warming has an adverse effect on the marine lives. The GBR is also home to thousands of fish as well as the habitat of the dugong (‘sea cow’) and the large green turtle. These are endangered species threatened with extinction.
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