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Best Bitcoin Lending Sites – BTC Loans, Lend Cryptocurrency

If you are looking to make passive income from bitcoin and cryptocurrency then you can securely lend your coins to others on 3-10% APR which means annual percentage rateListed below websites and portals let anyone get a loan from cryptocurrencies instead of selling them or just allow people to lend bitcoins to others for steady profits.
All portals, websites and Crypto Lending Sites were verified by us for deposits and withdrawals and the list is legit and working.
Most of bitcoin loans and lending needs full KYC verification aka Know Your Customer which means you will have to upload documents for verification. Yet we do have a few anonymous ethereum loans that need to ID, passport or drivers license.
Cryptocurrency Loan Portals and Wallets for Loans and Lending
This Bitcoin and stablecoin leding sites allow you to keep crypto and tokens on them so you earn steady money from holding coins there. If you want to take a loan for your cryptocurrency instead of selling them – this are the sites. They will take ie bitcoin collateral and give you USD, Ethereum or other money type you need. The moment you pay back the crypto loan you get your cryptocurrency back. Perfect to use as advanced payday loans for Bitcoin HODLers.
Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchanges to Lend Crypto
Some of legit and top BTC, ETH exchanges allow loaning of your coins to other traders who play on margin or leverage. This way just by holding coins in lending spot on such portal that let`s people trade cryptocurrency you will be getting bids and offers from bitcoin daytraders and make passive money from your crypto with no risk.
Decentralized Ethereum Contract Lending and taking Loans in Crypto
While almost all cryptocurrency loans and even investment into lending needs full ID verification with documents and other KYC needed procedures there are few places where you get a crypto loan in fully decentralized way with no passport, photography or anything else needed. Here is a list of few checked anonymous loaning sites.

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