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Max Keiser Raises His Bitcoin Price Target to $400,000

American broadcaster Max Keiser continues to spread the word about Bitcoin (BTC) by visiting the InfoWars HQ in Austin where he met with America's most famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
During his recent conversation with Jones, Keiser made a bombshell announcement about 'officially' raising his price target to $400,000 per one orange coin. 
"For the first time in eight years, I'm raising it to $400,000. That's my new official target." 

You are still early 

Keiser is one of the earliest Bitcoin proponents who claimed that the leading cryptocurrency could eventually go to $100,000 when it was trading at just $1. Hence, one shouldn't simply discard his latest prediction even though it might sound unrealistic. 
While many think that it is way too late to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, Keiser says that those doubters still have a chance to pocket 40x returns.
"The good news, Alex Jones, is that Bitcoin at $10,000 or $9,300 is equally attractive it was at $100."   

Bitcoin is fire 

Jones, whose show was blacklisted by almost all mainstream media platforms back in 2018, compared Bitcoin to fire in a sense that it cannot be confiscated by big banks and governments. Hence, Satoshi, the creator of Bitcoin, can be viewed as mythological hero Prometheus who stole fire from Greek gods and gave it humanity.        
"It's just like the power of fire not just being with the gods but being given to Prometheus"   
However, he mentioned that he couldn't promote Bitcoin on his show because he didn't understand it. In turn, Keiser explained to him how to stack stats

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