Monero’s Price Movement Shows Strong Upward Momentum


Monero’s price movement was doing amazing in the past 30 days and the coin has breached 30-days high a lot of times. Recently, XMR was seen violating the 90-day high as well and we are now waiting to see whether the currency will mark another great momentum in the upcoming monero news.
The traders that were interested in the coin can wait for the high prospect of return and the crypto market will likely experience a price rally soon especially after the Monero news fork emerged when it was successfully upgraded to RandomX, a new mining algorithm that claims to be ASIC-resistant.
At the start of the month, Monero’s price movement was standing at $58.05 and in the next two days, the price reached a new high of $63.98 with a huge increase of 10.22%. In the meantime, the XMR coin faced a steep fall of 10.45% and the price dropped to $57.70 and from this price level, the currency started going forward and in the next 5 days, it reached a new level of $71.52 which is an increase by 24.28%.
At this level right now, the XMR coin could not hold for a longer time so that’s why the currency dropped to $64.19. The coin also locked around $66 until January 22 and in the next two days, Monero’s price dropped to $58.19 by a huge fall of almost 12 percent. after this drop, there was a huge upsurge observed until the end of January. The price counter got to $75.22 and at the end of the month, the cryptocurrency closed at $71 with a 23.89% progression in the price of the coin.
The ongoing month experienced a huge growth in the price and on the first day of February, Monero’s price got to $71.94 and in the next 6 days, the price reached $80.31 which is an increase by 11 percent. The MACD charts of Monero show that the uptrend of the coin is coming in just a few days. However, the current momentum is quite regressive but the coin will continue to trade under the bullish impact and it could even surpass the $80 price level soon.
As per the recent reports, Monero’s privacy features boosted the coin to increase by an additional 7 percent in the New Year as per the charts.

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