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An easy way to make money from home at the time of the quarantine

Like many, not to say all, I find myself locked in the house because of the coronavirus.
The problem that immediately came to mind immediately after "how to defeat boredom" was "how do I earn something?".
Unfortunately whether you like it or not one of the main problems of this quarantine is how to earn something anyway, so I decided to write several guides (this is the first one) on how to earn the same through a very simple pc, not a workstation, not a pc for mining , not a supercomputer, but a very simple and trivial pc, the important thing is that it turns on and that you have an internet connection.
Today I wanted to talk to you about Honeygain: it is a platform that allows you to earn completely passively both from a computer and from an Android app.
The gain is generated through the fact that you are connected to an internet network (I will explain better later).

How does it work

Once installed, Honeygain will simply connect to the internet via your wi-fi or mobile network.
It will then use part of the connection that will be used for scientific, market, business research etc. etc.
I can assure you that you do not feel at all a deterioration in the quality of the connection, I have been using it for months while playing online or watching movies online and everything that involves using the internet.
The connection part that you "give" to Honeygain will be repaid in points that you can accumulate and convert into dollars.
Every 100MB of traffic is worth 0.01 €, I can guarantee you that it pays, I have been using it for months now.

This platform becomes very interesting if we think that we can connect and make an unlimited number of devices work for us (it is however advisable to have a maximum of three devices at a time) between PC or smartphone. Clearly it is advisable to use it with the wi-fi network only if we have a limited number of gigabytes on our mobile network.
The main page of the Honeygain site also offers a simulator, this says that you will be able to sell about 720GB $ 50 of actual gain, they are not high numbers if you think that a pc video game weighs 100gb by itself, then there are the movies ( or videos in general) online, music, "smart working" that requires streaming that consumes a lot of data, and whoever has more.

Payout and payment methods

The payout can be requested upon reaching € 20, it may seem a lot, but I assure you that it is not very difficult to get there, in my case it takes about a week.
Payment is made through PayPal or Amazon shopping vouchers.


In conclusion, the site is serious and pays. I leave you the link below to register, for honesty I tell you that the link is a ref link, I must also tell you that for a limited period of time through the link in the article you will have an immediate bonus of $ 5 which is a good start in my opinion.
   Signup Here HONEYGAIN
I hope I have been useful and see you soon!

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