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Binance CEO CZ Addresses His Failed Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, often faces criticism because of his bullish price predictions. Some even go as far as counter-trading them. 
However, CZ doesn't shy away from his tweets, claiming that one can 'easily' find all upticks that correlate with his bullish calls.  
Some comments say I am the counter signal. Funny.

I am ALWAYS bullish, every day/second/tick. I tweet everyday too.

You can easily find all down ticks and correlate it with my tweets.

You can also easily find all up ticks and correlate it with my tweets too. 
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Skin in the game 

Some of CZ's predictions came at the worst possible time. He tweeted that BTC wouldn't 'hang around' below $9,000 right one week before the top cryptocurrency plunged 48 percent in one day. In November, he claimed that BTC could skyrocket to $16,000, but that also was incredibly inaccurate.         
However, CZ is a staunch permabull, which is why you should never expect him to post bearish forecasts. Being a bear doesn't make any sense for someone who is at the helm of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. 
The Binance CEO once said that the BTC price could be 'super high' if exchanges could manipulate it.  

All-in on Bitcoin 

CZ famously sold his house Shanghai to make a huge BTC bet, which eventually paid off. He went from flipping burgers at McDonald's to becoming a billionaire. However, unlike some other representatives of the Bitcoin nouveau riche, he doesn't own houses, boats, or even Lambos. 
In his new tweet, CZ confirms that he only has about $500 in fiat. 

Please show some skin in the game too. ;)
I have maybe $500 in fiat, no house, no boats, no car.

Only crypto, from a 2014 house sell and ๐Ÿ”ธ since 2017.
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