Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is Still Going to Reach New All-Time High, Says Top BitMEX Trader


Prominent cryptocurrency trader AngeloBTC still stands by his prediction that the Bitcoin (BTC) price is going to reach a new all-time high of $30,000 even after the benchmark cryptocurrency witnessed its biggest crash in almost seven years.
Crazy how they had to tank the stock market to shake people out before the halving

A ‘crazy’ price prediction 

AngeloBTC, who is famous for topping BitMEX’s leaderboard, is able to make a stir on crypto Twitter with one tweet. BTC holders still look forward to the predictions posted by this semi-retired whale. 
This time was no different, and Angelo’s back-to-back tweets about the stock market tanking crypto prices and Bitcoin still going to $30,000 inevitably went viral, with many of his followers expressing both excitement and criticism. 
It is worth mentioning the aforementioned price level is not supposed to mark the top of the next bull run. According to AngeloBTC, it is just his minimum take profit target.

$6K was on his cards

Back in October, the most successful BitMEX trader tweeted that he was ‘patiently waiting’ for the BTC price to hit $6K to add more sats to his long-term holdings. At that time, many bulls were in disbelief since the coin was changing hands above $8,100.

Despite the fake China pump that pushed BTC above $10,600 in late October, his prediction turned out to be spot-on. Bitcoin dropped to $6,500 on Nov. 18 before plunging even lower the following month. 

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