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Corona Covid-19 Investments for your time

Our investments just took a 30-50% drop. That hurts. Badly.
Luckily, we are not alone, lots of people share the same experience and are looking for ways to come out winning from this situation.
One of the ways is earning money by sending people to invest in Crypto. You can make money by sending people to brokers that have crypto investments – here are the basics on how to do this:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where a company pays third parties for promoting its products. Essentially, an affiliate marketer is a ‘digital salesman’. A company does the hard work of creating a product or service and the entire support construct behind it; and an affiliate marketer promotes the product in exchange for a fee or commission. Typically, this commission is paid when a successful sale has been made, however it can be based on other criteria.
Affiliate marketing started way before the introduction of the Internet, but it has now grown to become one of the most popular (and extremely rewarding) ways of earning an income online. So, let’s delve into understanding affiliate marketing in more detail and how you can get started.

Why One Should Consider Becoming an Affiliate Marketer?

For affiliate marketers, the program is a powerful way of creating an active and passive income stream.
Here is why it is an incredibly timeless opportunity:

More than 3 billion internet users

There are over 3 billion Internet users across the globe, and it can only grow from here. As more users get connected and access the ‘internet grip’, online shopping and services will only grow; and this will continue making affiliate marketing an attractive proposition for anyone that wants to start an online business.

A global marketplace

With affiliate marketing, the world is your marketplace. The internet ensures that anyone from any corner of the world can buy your product and contribute to the bottom line. A relatively new niche and the perfect example of an affiliate marketing opportunity is cryptocurrency trading. As this market continues to grow exponentially, the potential for affiliate marketers is limitless to tap into many existing markets such as CFD traders, FX traders, investors, etc. A powerful strategy for many affiliates is to cross-sell related products and services.

No warehousing, no inventory

As mentioned above, the company essentially must do all the work regarding its product; your work is just promoting, no other hassles such as dealing with customer support or product development etc. Whether it is a physical product that needs shipping, or a digital product delivered in any manner, you are not involved in any manner after the lead has completed the required action which is usually just registration. For example, as a crypto affiliate marketer, once one of your leads clicks on your link and signs up with a broker and starts to trade, you will be paid.

Money never sleeps

As a digital marketer, you do not have to ‘man’ your website to allow customers in. Customers can visit at any time and from any place, as well as make purchases at any time, and you will get paid, even when you are asleep.

Work at your convenience

Work whenever, wherever and however you desire. With affiliate marketing, you generate money with the flexibility and convenience that you set for yourself.

Low start-up costs

Because you do not produce, store or deliver products, affiliate marketing is a far cheaper business to start and maintain. As well, you can sell any product you want (no obligation to promote what you hate) and have the opportunity to scale it. While some people will claim that there are no costs, this is not true. Like any business you have to make some kind of investment including your time. While starting an online business can be achieved with a tiny budget in comparison to a “brick & mortar” store, it is highly recommended to have working capital.

Crypto Affiliate - How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing?

Those familiar with the affiliate marketing industry, will understand that the landscape is always changing, with old trends dying out and new profitable trends emerging. One of the hottest new trends in affiliate marketing today are cryptocurrencies. This growing affiliate marketing niche offers great profit potential due to the ongoing hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The numerous stories of investors who became quite wealthy trading digital currencies have quickly spread and as more countries adopt these digital coins, its popularity and value are quickly growing. As a result, this means that more people are taking an interest in cryptocurrencies, which translates into a larger target market to promote affiliate crypto campaigns that focus specifically on the cryptocurrency and forex trading category.

How to Promote a Crypto Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

In order to promote your cryptocurrency marketing campaigns, there are a choice of effective methods you can use. It is important to remember though, that as the crypto space evolves, the various promotional tactics used by affiliate markets in the crypto space are constantly changing. The main reasons for this are the changing regulations globally as well as the extremely volatile nature of digital currencies.


As the leading social network in the world, Facebook does not allow you to advertise cryptocurrencies. Despite this, there is way around this. You can use Facebook to create business pages around cryptocurrencies, including cryptocurrency-related services and products. Facebook does not allow one to purchase paid advertisements on their site for this niche but you can post promotional and informational content on cryptos. In addition, you can then add your affiliate marketing link on your business page as well as on your personal page.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a highly effective method of advertising. Here, smartphone users are able to opt-in to receive messages via an app. These messages can be tailored to drive traffic and conversions to your cryptocurrency marketing campaign.

Your Own Website

You can also design your own website as this is also an effective way to promote your affiliate marketing categories, including cryptocurrencies. It is vital to ensure that the content on the site is accurate, interesting and updated on a regular basis. In addition, the content you provide on your site should be created in order to build yourself as an authority in this space and in this way you can boost your credibility as an expert in cryptocurrencies. You can, for example, include a blog which covers all of the current events related to cryptos, such as the latest news on regulations or any upcoming ICOs, as well as the adoption of digital currencies by the mainstream global financial system. To maximize your web traffic, you should also implement effective SEO techniques.

Twitter and Reddit

Twitter is still an effective advertising channel for the cryptocurrency niche. While Twitter doesn’t have the vast number of subscribers like Facebook does, it does have a growing and significant community of crypto enthusiasts. Based on this, it would make sense to include Twitter as part of your marketing campaign to reach these target traders. In addition, Reddit is also an online platform which offers a relatively large group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


You can also use the power of advertising and you can place targeted ads in online trade publications, which specialize in covering the cryptocurrency markets. If there are people looking for more information on cryptocurrencies, you need to ensure that it is your ads that they are seeing. It is important to take into consideration that the disadvantage of advertising is the expense. Niche web publications can charge thousands of dollars per week or more for a small banner so assess these costs before you use this channel.

Get In On the Action – Start Now

It is important to remember that cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is not a get-rich scheme, instead it is a legitimate affiliate marketing category that is quickly growing. You will still need to take the time to do your research and to work hard to ensure that you succeed and profit from your cryptocurrency affiliate marketing campaigns.
If you do not yet have the experience and knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technology, take the time to familiarize yourself with this information before you start creating your marketing strategy and campaigns designed for the cryptocurrency niche. In addition, you need to ensure you are positing relevant, fresh content on a regular basis and to build yourself as an authority in this space.
If you stay committed and focused, and you work hard and smart, you will succeed. If you want the opportunity to make your mark in the cryptocurrency space and to make money from this dynamic and exciting niche, the time to take action is now. Simply connect directly with the Algo-Affiliates team - and let us know you came from U.Today, we will guide you through the road to success.

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