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Crypto Vs Fiat: Who wins in the end?

It's been really hard times for us living here on the earth.
Especially 2020. 2020 is the year I'll never forget.
From trade wars to deadly, life hunting viruses, the world has had its fair share of problems this year.
But amidst all this ruckus, there have been two things that have been constant, regardless of changing conditions: We've always had food in our houses(thank God for that), and we've always had MONEY in our pockets. Be it a $1 bill you didn't know you had in your trousers, or a $100 bill you just burnt to keep you warm, because you living that Escobar lifestyle, we all had some form of money with us.
But with the way the world is headed lately, would this always be the case?
Would we always have physical money in our pockets?
This post takes a deep dive on that topic.
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Many people say that crypto didn't really come to replace money, but I feel otherwise.
I feel that BITCOIN didn't come to replace money. Bitcoin wants to be gold so bad that it copied the limited nature of the shiniest asset we have today. Yup, there would only ever be 21 million bitcoin created (4 million of which are lost, but who's counting). That won't be enough to get everyone in the world to start using the cryptocurrency, even if we all had just 0.001BTC.
However, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum can be used as means of exchange. They can be created indefinitely whole still retaining their rather high sub-200 dollar value. Amazing stuff. Imagine us buying apples for 0.02ETH a pop. What a life.
So since there are cryptocurrencies with indefinite number to be created and still retain their value, then why is money still in use? Why haven't we transcended to the realm of spending cryptocurrency?
Simple. Mass adoption. Or the lack thereof.
The thing is, the institutionalists don't believe in Bitcoin or its brethren. Neither do the purists like Warren Buffet.
We have some millennial billionaires who still believe in the crypto dream like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk. But two crypto guys aren't enough to convince the world.
Believe it or not, only 0.1% of the world uses or owns cryptocurrency, as opposed to the 98% of the world using fiat.(yes, some people still predominantly use trade by barter.)
That's very small number, and the negativity of the purists isn't helping crypto's cause.
The problem comes from the fact that many people still believe that crypto is a pipe dream. To them, it's just a phase that will eventually pass.
But crypto has already made a lot of people rich, and has given antisocial people like me a way to actually make money without sucking up to a boss or even coming out of your house.
Believe it or not, I had no idea that the quarantine was in progress, because staying in is my way of life. And crypto has helped me to fulfill that way of life.
In short, I strongly believe that crypto is the future of money. And all its features tell us I'm correct.
Should you keep your private keys intact, it's impossible for any one to steal your money. Banks won't be paying you 0.01% profit every year, because there are no banks. You can stake your coins for up to 7% per annum, which is just insane.
You can trade a multitude of altcoins against base currencies like Bitcoin and actually make a living off of a highly forgiving market.(try Forex or stocks and you'd know why I say forgiving)
And in times like these COVID-19 ones, you don't actually have to risk your life to get the groceries, because you touched money. You can just send your payment over to someone else, and they don't have to touch anything ever.
So now its left to the world: Will they accept crypto eventually?
Let's wait and see.
Thanks for reading guys! Remember to use Changelly as your go to exchange!

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