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DueDEX Announces Risk Manager Tool to Absorb Risks While Trading Crypto

The DueDEX Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives trading platform announced the launch of an out-of-the-box risk control toolkit, Risk Manager, for futures traders. It is designed to help users minimize losses while trading crypto with high leverage.

Less risk, more opportunities

The new trading tool, DueDEX Risk Manager, is intended to help traders develop a safe and profitable strategy that considers all of the essential fundamentals of risk management. The product analyzes a couple basic inputs such as Entry, Stop Loss and Position Size/Equity and allows its user to customize a preferable level of risk. For example, the minimum level of risk is 0.25%, which means that after 20 losses in a row, a trader would lose only 5% of his/her equity.
DueDEX trading platform introduces Risk Manager toolkit
Image via Twitter
Also, the tool's dashboard shows the user all of the possible opportunities for profitable trading. The technical analysis options research support/resistance levels and provide traders with useful insights regarding the best 'buy' and 'sell' moments of entry. 

Best user experience for safe margin trading

DueDEX CEO, Bo Wang, highly appreciated the initial feedback from Risk Manager users. Mr. Wang highlights that:
DueDEX traders risk less per trade and have become more profitable since the introduction of the tool
The introduction of Risk Manager also made familiarization with high-leveraged margin trading smoother for inexperienced users. Furthermore, seasoned traders can re-consider their trading strategy in order to make it much more profitable in a safer environment. 

In turn, the simple user experience of Risk Manager can introduce margin trading to many more people than before and, thus, 'pave the way for the next generation of crypto traders', Mr. Wang explains.

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