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How Many Ways Can You Monetize With Blockchain?

There are so many ways you can monetize your time and attention on social media platforms as a creator and more recently, as a user. Let’s dive into the many ways you can earn cryptocurrency for the things you may already be doing on social media platforms today.

First, let’s cover the many ways you can earn as a user:

-              Curating content on several platforms is a way to earn. By upvoting content that is newly posted, you are helping curate content and make it more likely to trend. So, if you upvote something and it is upvoted by many others you will earn a percentage of the reward it generates for catching it early and having good taste. The idea here is that you will upvote good content and be rewarded for helping filter out the bad content by filtering in the good. You earn curation on Hive, Steem, and typically delegated proof of stake (DPOS) social dapps.
-              Commenting on many of these platforms isn’t necessarily how you might earn, but if people upvote your comments, you can earn cryptocurrency that way. You can earn this on Hive, Steem, Uptrennd, and other DPOS dapps.
-              Getting paid for participating and giving out votes at all on your own terms. Publish0x is a unique platform that allows you to tip other creators from a donation pool (not your money) and even give yourself a percentage of the tip, paying yourself for the time you spent consuming the content. LBRY is similar in the way that you can earn for following creators, reposting, watching daily, and more.
-              Delegation rewards can be earned on DPOS platforms like those mentioned above from lending your stake via a delegation to entities that will pay you at regular intervals for your contribution. You own all the stake and can revoke the delegation at any time. It’s like free money.
-              You can always earn via referrals though I wouldn’t recommend it as it’s not a very savory way to earn, nor is it very effective.
-              On the Brave browser, you can earn BAT for allowing ads in your browser experience which can apply across all platforms whether it be mobile or desktop.

Now let’s go over how you can earn as a creator:

-              Upvotes. Of course, when people like your content on most platforms you will earn cryptocurrency that typically is given to you by the platform itself from a pool of crypto.
-              People watching your content. On some platforms, simply getting views will help you earn cryptocurrency, namely LBRY. You earn about 1-5 LBC per verified account video view on LBRY which is very lucrative.
-              Auto contributions on the Brave browser are a great way for users to give back a little to the verified Brave creators whose content they consume and simply share some of the users’ ad view rewards.
-              People subscribing to your channel. There are tiered rewards you can receive on LBRY for subscribers
-              Straight up donations. If people donate to you directly or you have something set up like on Flote with donation tiers for people to receive rewards based on how much they support you on a monthly basis. You can also donate via the Brave browser.
-              Ad sharing isn’t working yet, but there are several platforms that are exploring their options around running ads and splitting it with creators whether it be in specific programs, stake, or otherwise.

This is about being able to necessarily make enough to quit your job, but rather to show you that there is hidden value in content that you might not be able to earn anything off otherwise. Without crypto monetized blockchain social platforms, I wouldn’t have earned anything for my content so far and would be much more discouraged and I would have less wealth.

Let me know if there’s something I missed. Was I wrong about any of these? What’s your favorite way to earn cryptocurrency on crypto-monetized and blockchain social platforms? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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