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Why Staking Tron With Binance Is A Smarter Move Than You May Think!

So Why Binance?
Binance do not require any type of lock-up period or transferring of funds into a seperate pool account, simply hold your coins on their exchange to qualify for staking rewards. Currently Binance are offering 3x rewards for staking Tron. This means that instead of receiving around 2%, stakers will be earning anywhere between 7% to 9% per year. Rewards are paid out monthly and added to your current Tron balance. On top of the high staking reward, you also receive BTT and WIN tokens as an airdrop relative to the amount of TRX you are currently holding!
Another Attractive Aspect
In general alt coins are pretty cheap at the moment, sure they could get cheaper but one can argue that picking up alts at current prices is pretty decent. Let's take a practical example: Say you purchase $1000 of TRX tokens and start staking on Binance. You will start receiving your monthly rewards, which currently would be around $7. However, whether it is going to be this year or next year, crypto prices are very likely to moon. The halvening will eventually affect the price regardless of the argument of whether it is priced in or not. Compounding the price appreciation is the current money printing by the FED. All these aspects will eventually start gaining traction for Bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin only increases to 30k, that would mean that alts would most likely see a 10x rise in price.
Where Does This Leave Your Investment
Well, your $1000 bag of TRX will now be worth $10 000! Besides that your monthly staking rewards would now be worth $70 not $7 as they are not paid out relative to the dollar cost at inception but rather the dollar cost at the time of releasing the rewards. so in this particular example you will be making 70% of your initial investment every year as well as your original holdings now being worth ten times more! Don't forget the BTT and WIN tokens that are also piling up in amount and dollar value. Please remember this is just an example and not financial advice.

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