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9 Reasons why Mirror Trading International is not a Scam

Mirror Trading International is fast becoming a popular way to grow your Bitcoin. This is achieved through the trading activities using Bitcoin as the base currency. To date over 170 Bitcoin have been placed in the trading pool, and the membership of Mirror Trading International is close to 3500 members at the time of writing this article.
I will refer to Mirror Trading International as ‘MTI’ for the rest of this article.  Signup here
What makes MTI Legitimate? Firstly it is important to note that Bitcoin is used as the trading currency. Bitcoin is decentralised and cannot be controlled by any government or central authority, and members in Mirror Trading are part of this unregulated environment. Therefore members need to use their own discretion, and weigh up the facts and what MTI offers, before making a decision to participate.
In my opinion these are the reasons why Mirror Trading International is not a scam.
  1. Predictability – In business nothing is predictable, you have no guarantees that you are going to make a profit or not. MTI  therefore makes no promises. Whenever a company promises you a certain percentage daily or monthly, there has to be suspicion of it being a scam.
  2. The test of time – MTI started in April 2019 and continues to grow stronger, most scams can’t last 4 months before showing signs of failing.
  3. No Recruitment Emphasis – MTI has a Affiliate program that only pays a 10% direct bonus. If your focus was on recruitment then the referral bonuses would normally be up to the fifth level, as this rewards the big recruiters. Again in MTI the focus is not on recruitment, it’s up to you whether you want to build a team or not.
  4. No Packages – With MTI there are no packages, you are free to add and withdraw whenever you like. To me the first sign of a scam is when a company has packages that have a maximum earning percentage and that will expire at some time. When this is done it is a sure sign that the company is wanting to get as much as possible from people, and that things are predictable for the company and their greed.
  5. Minimum – The suggested minimum is $100, however due to the fluctuation in the Bitcoin price your account will always trade regardless of the balance you have. MTI has no strange rules to advantage themselves and disadvantage you. Other companies would simply enforce the rule and keep the money for themselves.
  6. No Fees – MTI does not have any subscriptions, membership fees or even withdrawal fees. MTI is a sustainable company with resources of their own, they make a percentage of the daily trades and they have no need to charge bogus fees like other greedy companies.
  7. Trading is the Focus – Trading and growing your Bitcoin is at the heart of MTI, they use advanced trading software which provides consistent daily results which amount to around 10-12% monthly. This is certainly not enough to attract the average person looking for a quick buck.
  8. Open and Honest Profit Split – Each day the trading results are openly communicated and the profit is split as follows: 40% to the Members, 30% to the Trading System, 20% to the weekly binary bonuses and 10% to MTI to cover administration and affiliate bonuses.
  9. 100% Sustainable Profit Sharing – The bonuses I have mentioned are only possible if there is a positive trading result, MTI is a real business and cannot guarantee profits. If they were a scam they would have offered something more definite to attract more members.
Due to the licence agreement with the software providers MTI is unable to show the live trading. This is to prevent people from copying the trades on the Trader Platforms, thus protecting the intellectual property of the developers and ensuring sustainability of the trades for MTI Members.
Those are my 9 reasons why I know that Mirror Trading International is not a scam.
I welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to contact me on

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