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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Instead of ‘Fake Dollars’ Printed by Fed: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the international bestseller 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad,' has just embraced Bitcoin. 

Lesson 5. SAVE MONEY: RU NUTS? Why save money when QE FED counterfeiting is printing trillions of fake dollars-$82 billion a month to $125 billion a day? Why save when ZIRP, zero interest policy pays losers zero? Save gold-god’s money or Bitcoin-people’s money.
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In his new tweet, he calls the leading cryptocurrency 'people's money' while slamming the U.S. Federal Reserve for printing trillions of fake dollars.         

Saving cash is 'nuts' 

Back in January, billionaire Ray Dalio made headlines by bluntly calling cash 'trash'. Kiyosaki appears to be on the same page.  
He greatly encourages his followers to not hoard 'fake dollars' printed by the Fed, which recently started unlimited quantitative easing on top of lowering interest rates to virtually zero. 
Kiyosaki channels Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz who recently quipped that fiat money is now growing on threes in 2020.      

Gold is 'God's money' 

Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), Kiyosaki also recommends buying gold, reiterating his opinion that precious metals are 'God's money.' In one of his interviews, he called gold 'a hedge against the stupidy of elites.' 
Bitcoin is often regarded as 'digital gold.' As reported by U.Today, Kiyosaki aptly noted that millennials were more interested in buying crypto than bulky rocks. 

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