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How to make $300 a month with our referral program

You can make money on StakedWallet not only with the help of Proof-Of-Stake method but also using our Bounty and referral programs. Today we’d like to tell you more about income opportunities with the partnership system. 

How our referral program works

Anyone can make money by working with the referral program. All you need is just a little bit of your time. To make a profit, you need to invite your friends to become StakedWallet users. When they start making money, you’ll get 50% of their daily income. 
1. You invite a friend using a unique referral link
2. Your friend registers via your link and tops up their wallet balance  
3. You get an SWL bonus and start earning 50% of your friend’s income daily. 
Besides, you’ll profit from your referred friends by the 5 level system.
 Level 1 - 50% of income
 Level 2 - 30% of income
 Level 3 - 20% of income
 Level 4 - 20% of income
 Level 5 - 10% of income


You can invite partners using your referral link via web browser or with the help  of FriendShare feature in our mobile app. This option can help you send invitations to any number of people in your contacts. 

How to make $300 each month 

To make $300 a month or even more, you’ll just need to invite a sufficient number of partners that will make money on our platform themselves. In other words, the more partners you invite -  the higher income you get. 
Let’s focus on the particular sum - $300 a month. We need to find out how we can make it happen. 
Your income depends on your friends’ income. The more money your friend makes, the higher your income is. For example, your partnership network can look like this: 
  • 17 partners of level 1, that gets you $120 a month 
  • 27 partners of level 2, that gets you $80 a month 
  • 40 partners of level 3, that gets you $50 a month 
  • 75 partners of level 4 and 5, that gets you $50 a month 
Eventually, you’ll get $300 each month without investments 

Looks kind of complicated, doesn’t it? It’s not like that at all!

The thing is that to build a big partnership network, you won’t have to invite every partner yourself - you make a profit from partners that your friends invited. Still, the more partners you invite yourself, the more 2-5 level partners you’ll get in the future. That’s why it’s important to invite as many friends as possible and start making money.  
Soon we’ll tell you how to build a network of thousands partners. Stay tuned!  

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