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The Future of Offshore Crypto: An Overview

Cryptocurrency and the future of Offshore

Digital currencies as many of you may know if you haven't been living under a rock the last decade are an alternative medium increasingly gaining momentum and with it its promise to reshape the global economic infrastructure revolutionizing the medium in which not only goods are exchanged, but everything from of dental records too finance.

The possibility of cryptocurrency is enormous, and no one yet is quiet able to say what the future will hold, though undoubtably many postulate what that future world will look like, each with a fair dose of imagination, yet most are in agreement that it will radically reshape how we interact and transact with one another.

Understandably It is difficult to estimate the impact it will have.
If we take a look at what could be in store for crypto and the offshore financial industry, we see it is still within early stages of experimentation, and has yet to take serious root within the institutional structure of finance of banking.

That being said, both Switzerland and Estonia have begun integrating crypto tech within industries such as health care, SME, and a hopeful yet short lived Estonian plan to create a national currency.

Where the Future is Concerned

There are a few areas to keep an eye on in terms of institutional change that may in the coming years start to bear some significant results.
Banking - Bypassing the current stranglehold of centralized banking retain empowering individual financial financing and investing. 

Fund Management and Exchange - 

Blockchain tech will reshape the mode of exchange giving fluidity and transparency to all forms if interactions that otherwise are veiled beneath layers of data, or lost in obscure stacks of paperwork.

Venture Capital - 

The rise of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) offers a new way to generate funds, build revenue, and offer investment incentives. Ideas will be given form, projects developed, and growth along a trajectory that was previously unimaginable as individuals become increasingly able to connect, support, and receive directly without institutional interference.

These three sectors are just the top of the iceberg in terms of what will be no short of a revolution ultimately giving individuals more autonomy and transparency in a shift away from an organized economy, toward a rapidly decentralized and highly individualized transactional economy, where individuals create the trends and not corporate machines.

Crypto and the Offshore Market

The increasing possibilities that arrive as time moves forward is exciting to bear witness to when we begin to see what cryptocurrency and its blockchain tech has the potential for.
Inevitably it will drastically change the dynamics of the offshore system. The emergence of blockchain technology into global finance promises to give individuals freedom from the increasingly overly-regulated domestic environment that often stifle growth and innovation through high costs of compliance.

Take the current financial transitionary obligations imposed and monopolized by the SWIFT routing system. They unilaterally control virtually all large sums of capital, all of which must goes through its systems in New York prior to receiving. Its costly delays and high price tag has made itself obsolete.

Current Know Your Customer (KYC) laws imposed by many nations and banks has made transactions burdensome and oversight tedious all of which has only decreased financial flows.

Cryptocurrency offers a potential to bypass archaic jurisdictional boundaries and their institutions along with the whole of the traditional banking system, giving a freedom for transactions to be made in a way that was not ever previously possible.
Though this is just a beginning, we shall have to wait and see what is in store.

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