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XRP Price to Reverse After Reaching $0.20: Trader Explains Why

While many are permanently bearish on XRP since its price has been trading in the lows since early 2018, some believe it is going to post a short-term rise soon.

A decline after reaching $0.20?

Trader ‘transparent-fx’ has posted his fresh analysis of the XRP price on TradingView. In his video, he shared his expectations regarding XRP going up from the current $0.18 level and starting to reverse after reaching it to hit $0.14.
However, he does not rule out that the third largest coin may continue its way up once it reaches $0.20.
Image via TradingView

‘Descending triangle forming on the lows’

Entrepreneur and swing trader @LeoDiCrypt0 says he has been bearish on XRP for more than two years and does not see what can make him change his attitude. He points out at a Descending Triangle formation on the chart and says that it is much more likely to decline than to break upwards.
/ BTC - 1D

Been bearish on this asset for over 2 years, still don't really see any reason to change bias with this descending triangle forming on the lows.

Sure this could break up, but statistically speaking, it's got more chances of dumping. Macro trend is bear.
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‘XRP might continue towards 3100 Satoshis’

Analyst Michal van de Poppe, who rarely posts XRP analysis, has shared a sort of bullish forecast, saying that XRP might head from the current level towards 3100 Satoshis - $0.213.

Would be interesting to see whether can flip this level back for support.

Might support further continuation towards 3100 satoshis.

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‘XRP will go sub $0.10 again’

Twitter user @RobertArtRobArt, an XRP enthusiast, again tells his followers (as he had done several times before) that XRP is going to decline below $0.10. In his previous posts, he stated that when it happens it will not be bad – just another chance to buy the dip for true XRP believers.
Today he has claimed that Bitcoin will eventually drop below $5,000 too.
“Bitcoin sub $5K will happen again. XRP sub $0.10, too. Still lower lows, lower highs. Descending channel, bearish trend line. The Percentage Method I try to teach points to this too, if 0.23, $0.34, $0.60, $.80 aren’t breached. I’m rather certain of this analysis.”


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