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The MTI Ranking System

On the 1st of September 2020 Mirror Trading International released their Ranking System. My first reaction and that of many members was that it is nothing else other than bragging rights…

I have a saying that goes as follows: We all think, but very few people think about what they think about when they think. This is about taking thoughts captive and asking yourself if there is more to an idea than what you are thinking. Well, in this case there turns out to be a lot more thinking than just bragging rights.

Ranking levels are primarily based on the Bitcoin volume of your weakest binary leg, please do yourself a favour and read till the end of this article where you will discover the true value of the binary in MTI.

The ranking levels are Novice, Toro, Toro Bravo, Matador, Gladiator and Master. Before you jump on your high horse about the Matador status, please do not worry we are not killing anything, except perhaps ‘debt’! Now let’s unpack these 6 levels.


No one wants to be a Novice, but we all need to start somewhere. In our business we need to learn and experience the system. Firstly you are growing your Bitcoin and you will gain this experience in a few weeks of being in the system. You will be able to answer questions for yourself like what is the average growth, how and when the daily results get added to your back office. If you dig a bit deeper you will start to understand the back office.

Being a novice is about learning and how you can advance to the next level quickly. The MTI YouTube channel will provide you with most of the knowledge you need. Of course the choice is yours… will you be learning about the business and how you can get yourself to the next level or is Netflix paying you handsomely to waste your time? Life is indeed about choices.

While we are on the subject of learning, please make sure you join the official MTI Telegram group so that you do not miss any important company announcements and updates.

TORO (Weaker Leg Volume of 10 Bitcoin)

Toro is the Italian word for Bull and becoming a bull is not an easy task. Simply put, it will not be easy to buy the title by selling a chunk of or possibly everything you own. It is definitely a title that will require more than just a bit of work.

In my opinion this will be the hardest level to reach out of all the ranking levels and my advice here is to break the goal down into bite size pieces. Make your initial goal to get one Bitcoin in your weakest leg in your first month in the business, then get to five bitcoin within 3 months and your 10 Bitcoin target will be within reach. If you are highly motivated and are prepared to commit (or you just have no other choice) then this goal could be achieved within 90 days.

At this level you may remember those who said you could not do it and have a moment’s silence for them, this will probably be the last time you are ever going to think about those losers. The people that decided to wait and see if it works, well if they were not intelligent enough to notice you on your way to becoming a Toro, then forget about them as they are just too stupid to notice now, in my opinion.

The Toro level may be the first in the ranking recognition system, but it is by no means a small achievement, it is huge.

TORO BRAVO (Weaker Leg Volume of 50 Bitcoin)

Translated it means Good Bull, you have done a brilliant job!

That is no understatement, you are now earning enough to settle all your debts and you will soon be financially free if you are not there already.

This is the level that changes your lifestyle. Dreams are no longer just dreams, they have become achievable and you will find that you actually don’t have enough dreams.

MATADOR (Weaker Leg Volume of 100 Bitcoin)

Matador is the name, but no you won’t be facing bulls, except those you are helping on the road to freedom. Perhaps it is a great opportunity to take your red cape and wave it around…encourage the new guys, the bulls, and the good bulls to come forward to your level.

As a Matador you would have certainly reached the level of earning where you are slaying any debt you may have and will more than likely achieve true financial freedom.

GLADIATOR (Weaker Leg Volume of 500 Bitcoin)

The original Gladiators were revered and highly respected, at this level you will have a lifestyle that few could ever experience.

MASTER (Weaker Leg Volume of 1000 Bitcoin)

At this level you have most definitely mastered the MTI business, and with this weaker leg volume you are close to the weekly binary capped earnings of $75000 or could be there already depending on the current Bitcoin price.

Being a Master comes with certain responsibilities and you would probably decide those are to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than yourself. Perhaps you will start a foundation to help the poor or find a cause that looks after the planet and the animals. Choices at this level are numerous and who knows, you may even just be a greedy Uncle Scrooge, but I certainly would not recommend that path.

I know you have read this article thus far and the following was the only bit of information that will be universally valuable to all MTI members, so here it is:

The true value of the MTI binary bonus.

This is what many MTI members fail to understand or perhaps it is just something they never stopped to think about: The weekly binary bonuses paid by the system are reoccurring and that the binary does not flush.

To clarify: binary bonuses are paid on the Bitcoin volume in your weaker leg. These are paid every week. In the next few years you will have earned the equivalent of your weaker leg volume! By building a team, you have really created a weekly residual income for yourself.

Now that you have the thinking behind the Ranking system, you can use it for more than just bragging rights!

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