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We are Cubebit :The Most Extensive Ecosystem to Grow your Digital Assets

Our life becomes easier and easier everyday and this is thanks to technology. But everyone want more and more. People strive to find other solutions to make tasks faster and better. They are thirsty for more alternatives. Trying to reach the best. And in today’s modern world is all about technology. People warmly welcome new technology. One day we will complete our tasks with just one click. Some of this opportunities we already have in hand and this is thanks to the genius minds whom invented this facilities. And in all this new advanced features of technology we have a special one. Blockchain technology. Signup Here

Blockchain was first introduced with its first application Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of crypto currency. The technology behind crypto currencies is Blockchain.

And in this article we will tell you a bit about Cubebit blockchain platform. There are a lot of blockchain companies in the market but Cubebit is special,fast and of course secure..

What is Cubebit?

Cubebit is an advanced blockchain-integrated platform that is developed by experienced blockchain experts and pioneers.The team’s expertise in blockchain technology. It created CubeBit which combines layers of infrastructure, services and applications that breaks through the most technologically progressive platform in the entire crypto world. Cubebit is safe to use and it was created since 2018.

What Cubebit offers?

Cubebit offers CubeShop that seeks to help small and midsize local retail brands to become global players using the power of blockchain. It is accessible all around the world and no banks are required. There are no membership fees and no middleman required.

CPay is a multi-currency debit card that allows you to make transactions with just one click anywhere in the world. CPay is secure and offers Multi Currency credit or Debit Card that supports both crypto and fiat currencies. Merchant Payment is the solution for your bills so you wont need to pay for each service separately. And Remittance service as well when you can send and receive money anywhere around the world.

Cub Token offers lower fees and much faster transfer times. Cubecoin is a payment token build with ethereum network protocol and an ERC-20 compliant. Cubecoin can be used to all CubeBit ecosystems like e-commerce, education, travel, gaming, trading, payments and many more options. The advantage of Cubecoin is that Cubecoin is not backed by whitepaper but instead a functional use case that bring in life the true values.

In the other hand we have CubeAcademy.

CubeAcademy is an online learning platform that will give you knowledge in cryptocurrency, forex, blockchain and trading. With this learning program you will have a guide that will help you reach your goals and become successful.

Cubeb Is a Booking and Property Management System where you can easily manage all your properties. It features Booking Management System and Revenue Management System. Cubeb allows you to manage cars, tours, spaces, and hotels.

Technology is the future so we have come with AI-BOT to assist you. AI-BOT can buy or sell orders on your behalf depending on the interpretation of market data. These Bots are projected to deliver 100% results.

Cubebit has designed an arbitrage trading framework that will trade on several exchanges and markets for different pairs at the same time to increase your digital earnings. The advantages you get with CUBEBIT arbitrage trading are algorithmically driven, anti volatile strategy and complete transparency.

i-PLay lottery is a very funny game and simple to play. i-Play will give you high chances of winning because instead of 6 combinations to win the jackpot you will need only 4.

Why Cubebit?

Cubebit is a certified company that you can trust, registered in Delaware, USA and offices in Australia, Asia,Europe, United Kingdom and South America. Our mission is to improve Crypto Platform by helping users with smarter, faster and safer experience. We aim to be leaders in the trading community.

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