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The First New Generation NFT Marketplace in the Metaverse Is Finally Here To launch Shihtzu Exchange.


Shihtzu Exchange Universe has been one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming technology from last 5 years, which envisions creating a unified platform facilitating the varied interests of investors, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers of the virtual world. When Shihtzu Exchange Universe laid out its roadmap for the year ahead, it mentioned launching one of its most-awaited projects in the DeFi world — the Shihtzu Exchange NFT Marketplace with an integrated metaverse combining virtual and augmented reality.

The wait is finally over, and Legion Network is all set to make its exclusive NFT platform Shihtzu Exchange Universe available to the public for use. With Shihtzu Exchange Universe, NFT trading will see new horizons of innovation. People have been eagerly waiting for this one-of-its-kind platform that brings an array of opportunities and facilities for the NFT community.

Shihtzu Exchange Universe is a part of the Shihtzu Exchange Meme coin Universe, it is a collaborative NFT marketplace that brings many exciting utilities to its users. The world is slowly moving into a virtual realm, and Shihtzu Exchange Universe can take the lead and become people’s first choice in their digital dealings. The alpha version of its VR galleries will soon be accessible, and here are the reasons why you need to be on Shihtzu Exchange Universe.

A Advance collaborative environment: Shihtzu Exchange Universe lets NFT creators, influencers, game developers, and brands come together and host contests. Creating such a collaborative environment in an NFT marketspace is an exceptional concept and promises to bring revolutionary outcomes for all involved entities.

Socialize with like-minded individuals: With Shihtzu Exchange Universe, users can establish direct contact with artists on the platform. It creates a community of like-minded people where you can be connected to creators by simply saving their NFTs, commenting on their gallery items, and rating their NFT projects. Shihtzu Exchange Universe is a potential social networking platform of the NFT ecosystem where users can also participate in live discussions.

Gamification & Rewards: Another exciting feature for NFT enthusiasts to look forward to at Shihtzu Exchange Universe is its contests. Shihtzu Exchange Universe has an exciting list of milestones ready, and users who accomplish these on the platform stand a chance to be awarded trophies and medals. Based on user engagement, sales volume, and other such milestones, users can win digital collectibles from influencers (game skins and more). Contest winners can also win royalties from future sales.

Shihtzu Exchange Virtual Reality: Shihtzu Virtual and augmented reality is in the process of becoming a part of one’s daily life. Shihtzu Exchange Universe brings this technology of the future to the tips of users’ fingers by helping to view NFTs in personalised virtual galleries or in the physical world using AR. By incorporating two futuristic technologies with the best interest of organizations and people at heart, Shihtzu Exchange Universe is set to redefine how people deal with digital collectables, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain technology at large.

Compare, Swap, Rent (CSR): Shihtzu Exchange Universe comes with the much-needed features of comparing, swapping, and renting NFTs, all of which initially seemed too far-fetched but have now been communised by Shihtzu Exchange. The Shihtzu Exchange Universe platform allows users to conduct an in-depth study and analysis between the many NFTs available in the market by listing them on the comparison list. The NFT Comparison feature makes Shihtzu Exchange the ideal option for every NFT investor who likes to make informed decisions.

Shihtzu Exchange Non-Fungible Tokens became famous because of their non-fungibility and Meme coin industry, which upheld the uniqueness of each token and removed the scope of copyright infringement issues, but this somehow limited the scope of one token being exchanged for another. Shihtzu Exchange Universe also brings that power and freedom back to users by allowing NFT swapping. With the NFT Swap feature, Shihtzu Exchange users can exchange one NFT for another, provided the owner on the other side is willing to trade their NFTs.

Shihtzu Exchange further allows renting NFTs, a plus for gamers who may need an asset but do not possess enough funds to acquire it themselves. The NFT rent feature lets users rent NFTs from suitable vendors for as many hours, days, weeks, or months as needed at affordable rates (lending rates as decided by the digital asset owner). This never-before-heard feature can help users temporarily own the digital tokens they need without paying the full price or spending a fortune on a single NFT collectible.

STZU NFT Launchpad: Shihtzu Exchange Universe is here to stay, and a testament to that is its flagship Launchpad. The creators realize how difficult it can get for artists to sustain the promotions and everything else between the launch of one artwork and the next. To make this a little easy for NFT creators and artists, Shihtzu Exchange Universe brings in the early access feature wherein creators can host presales and define the exclusive incentives associated with each pre-bought NFT. Such presales act as fundraisers and will significantly help creators sustain their interim projects.

Shihtzu Exchange Universe is a well-thought platform that adds to NFTs’ charm and introduces the very features that make them adaptable, attractive, and convenient for all. As more investors, creators, and collectors get acquainted with NFTs, there is a greater propensity of Shihtzu Exchange Universe to get widely accepted and applauded for its unique features and utilities. Shihtzu Exchange Universe invites users to design the virtual world they want, wherein they can create, collaborate, and even earn lifetime royalties.

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